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Mar 8, 2015
Xtaero One Year Review, Kodiak, Alaska

12 Month Anniversary of taking delivery of their Xtaero Boat.

"Review of our one year old Xtaero Boat. We ordered the Xtaero Boat in Dec/Jan 2015 and got the boat in August 2015 so we've had it for a year. In that time we usually trailer it to and from the Kodiak City ramp. We chose the boat based on Travis Brandts reputation and the design. As a 22' it acts more like a 26' or 28' in the type of seas we go out in. We get very windy chop here, massive current swings that really crank up the water and we like to go 30 to 60nm round trip between fishing spots and port. The ride in rough seas is incredible. There have been three issues with the boat that were handled immediately and expertly by Travis and the guys at Xtaero. 1. Water pump initially installed was not strong enough, they replaced it immediately with a new pump and paid the labor. 2. Lenco trim tab actuator that Xtaero handled and a new actuator was sent up immediately, and replaced. 3. The Suzuki motor had a sensor that was causing a variable RPM swing and our local dealer is dealing with Suzuki on that. The seaworthiness of the boat is something that my friends can't get over. We have caught hundreds of fish - literally - from King and Silver salmon to Halibut and put about 200hrs on the motor. We could have spent less money on a boat but in a different 22 or even 24' boat we couldn't go on the days we wanted to, or to the places we wanted to. We got what we paid for. We were not charged a penny over the invoice, and in fact Xtaero came and delivered the boat at no charge, delivered with a full tank of gas at no charge, and replaced the water pump at no charge, and installed the Cannon downriggers at no charge. This would have cost at least $2,000 in extra work by a 'normal' company, but we have found out in the past year that working with Xtaero Boats is much better than normal. The boat handles 4 people and a boat full of fish very well. I take my kids out as much as possible and feel the high gunwhales and transom keep my youngsters on the deck and safe. The boat rides quiet, smooth, and fast, three things that make a day on the water just that much more enjoyable. The boat has lived up to its billing. Xtaero has been a pleasure to deal with and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase." - Doug F. Kodiak, AK

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