WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat


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Jul 27, 2009
Seattle, Wa
Jeff Nelson
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After my attempted East coast boat buying adventure I have gotten quite a few friendly suggestions about boat options. None were exact matches for what I am looking for so I figured I could put on a detailed “wanted to buy” and see if anyone on here has any leads.
I am looking for a 23-27 foot pilothouse or express style trailer boat. I prefer something with the back of the cabin being a drop down curtain vs a solid pilothouse wall.
Area under cover needs to have seating for at least 4 ideally with the passenger seat facing forward. (So most gradys with just two seats under cover don’t work well)
Wife likes some dual consoles as an option so it’s a possibility.
I am not a speed demon but will be Regularly hali and occasionally tuna Fishing so need a boat with power to run loaded through swells.
Also worth noting wife and I are tall (she’s 6’5”) so headroom in pilothouse and decent freeboard are needed.
After several years of looking I have narrowed the list down to models below but am open to other similar selections.
Budget is 75k+\-
Possible models include
Carolina classic 25 outboard
Parker 2520dv open back
Grady 265 express
North coast 23/24 outboard
World cat 255dc/270ec
Pursuit 265dc
Steiger Miami 23/25
Osprey 24/26 (only if passenger seat is forward facing)
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    Ryan. I know one of the owners at waypoint. He’s a good friend. His name is Jake. Call him about this boat if you want.
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    Feb 21, 2011
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    That shamrock is kinda cool if you are ok with a diesel. The doghouse moved forward is nice leaving the fishing deck open. The gunnels look a bit low especially for 6+ footers. If you get anything in the prop you are screwed since it is a fixed drive.
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