WSB w/video and release !!


Dec 11, 2008
la jolla
Here's some video from a resent trip to La Jolla.... ENJOY!!!!

Only a couple guys out...all fish caught on the yoyo.

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And the timing couldn't be better......The MLPA/BRTF are back in town, this time to push the DFG for more and larger closures (including La Jolla) along with "Other Proposed Regulated Activities" to add on to the already restrictive IPA.

FREE LUNCH AND T-SHIRTS !!!! It's easy, just show up, you don't have to speak if you don't want to.

When: Wednesday Oct. 20th 10AM

Four Points by Sheraton
8110 Aero Drive

San Diego, CA

If you want to speak, here are some points to consider (copied from PAL).

1. The recent court ruling is clear. The Blue Ribbon Task Force and Science Advisory Team are state agencies. They didn't follow state open meeting rules. The record appears to show decisions were reached behind closed doors. The were other irregularities. South Coast MLPA work must be suspended until these serious issues are resolved.

2. We support RSG Proposal 2, the true cross-interest plan created by anglers, harbor communities. Proposal two strikes a fair balance in Malibu, it preserves public access and safety. The IPA's La Jolla plan will concentrate fishing activity in a small area, again causing safety issues. It preserves the existing reserve boundaries, which are well known to the public and designated via shore-side signs and buoys on the water. Etc.

3. You could also limit your comments to the IPA (Integrated Preferred Alternative), which the Commission is considering. There are significant issues in play, including whether to expand the proposed South La Jolla reserve and reconfigure the second one that would cap us off at Scripps Pier. We have to watch these closely.

I like more compromise !!!!! :2gunsfiring_v1: :finger:


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Jun 17, 2008
redlands, ca
mikey rivera
malibu extreme
good job out there guys! and nice job on releasing the ghosts!!