Freshwater WOW!!! 42 Tuna On One Bait Stop!!!


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Jul 16, 2009
Olympia WA
Trent E Rickman
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That was INSANE!!!
Rock Fish and I got an invite aboard the Parker today. Stacy and Rock Fish picked me up at 3:30 am, had the Parker in the water with bait and ice, and headed out of Westport by 6:00 am.
We ran 35 miles out from the jetty to some 59 degree water. Stacy was marking life on the finder, so we put out the troll rods... at least most of them. I had the last one still in hands when, WHAM!!! Single... then a double! Rock Fish and I brought the first two tuna aboard, one on a cedar plug and one on a clone, while Stacy worked on getting a bait stop going. And get it going he did... non-stop for the next 3 1/2 hours!!!
By 11:30 am we had 42 tuna in the boat and decided we'd better stop. We stuffed the back fish box and the two large kill bags full, and still had 4 tuna on the deck. We also had a lot of live bait left, so Stacy gave a holler on the radio and a Grady White about a mile away said they'd take it. We emptied the bait tank and put the last four tuna in the bait tank.
Today set three new record's for Stacy's Parker... most tuna caught on a trip, earliest he's ever been done and headed in, and longest lasting and most productive single bait stop!!!

[youtube]YouTube - 42 Westport Tuna[/youtube]


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