Would you fish these set ups differently for LR? If so how?


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Sep 8, 2017
La Mirada/Whittier
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Got a line of setups now I know how I believe I am going to fish them but I want to see if I think the same as the rest of BD or if there may be a better way to fish them...

Fathom 300 LP 9.1:1 ration loaded with 50lb on an irod 15-25 inshore rod; Applications: Bait making, messing around fishing, 15-20lb set up

Squall 400 LP 7.1:1 loaded with 65lb braid on a phenix black diamond 20-50 rod; Applications: Jig slinging and wahoo bombs... 30-40lb live bait if needed

Penn Torque 15 SD on a Phenix M1 inshore 20-45; loaded with 40lb braid; applications: 25-30lb live bait, light jig throwing

Accurate Tern 400 on a phenix hybrid black diamond 20-50 rod: Applications: Iron slinging, 40lb live bait,
Penn torque 15LD2 loaded with 50lb braid on a penn battalion SLP 40lb rod or A phenix m1 inshore 20-45 rod; Applications; Guadalupe, medium grade live bait fishing, light rubber band sinker rigging, slow pitch jig fishing

Penn torque 40LD2 loaded with 60lb JB white HOllow core on a phenix black diamond hybrid 60-130; Applications; Wahoo bombs,wahoo hi throwing, yo-yo iron, heavy popper, heavy sinker rig fishing, heavy live bait, alijos dropper loop

okuma makaira 15 Sea loaded with 80lb power pro, on a penn rampage 80-130 rod; Applicstions; heavy live bait, dropper loop, sinker rig fishing

penn international 16 Visx on a phenix axis 80-130 rod,Applications: Heavy flatfall, heavy sinker rig, heavy dropper loop, heavy all around set up

Okuma makaira 20 on an Okuma pCH custom bent butt 80-150 with adjusta butt, loaded with 100lb braid to 25ft wind on of 130lb Izorline mono: Applications: Heavy Flatfall, 200+ Lb fish sinker rig, trolling reel, back up kite rod

Shimano Tiagra 50W on a-graph tech 80-200 rail rod. Loaded with nearly 1000 yard of 200lb jb hollow core 100 ft top shot of 200lb mono..; Applications: Kite rod, Puerto vajarata (hopeful for that lol) cow YFT live baiting, heavy messing around/ big boy fish around flatfall rod.
Any advice is greatly appreciated as to how you would fish these, either the same, heavier for some rods, lighter for others... if you say I should change something, please specify as to why, and how I should. Cant say I’ll use every piece of advice but it will all be taken into consideration


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Mar 31, 2003
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I would suggest you use a heavier outfit for bait. You might be using 8 ounces of lead and catching several Mack’s at a time will cause lots of tangles on lighter gear. I’m not familiar with the outfits on the lower range of your gear. Just make sure you have rigs for fishing 30, 40, and 50# bait. Hopefully you won’t need much or any 25# gear. I’d make sure I have a 50# set up for yo yoing.
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  • Mar 20, 2008
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    That's only 9 setups?

    You can easily fish them all on a standard 7 day.
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