Wister 12-30-20


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Feb 22, 2004
Escondido, CA
jeff meeker
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Finally picked up my first Resi of the year for either Wister or SJ @ #58; maybe half of the first 15 reservations showed then it was 1-2 for every 5 after that with quite a few in the sweat line. The new 30' Covid Barrier makes it difficult to see which spots on the board are taken ahead of you until you get right up to the board for your pick and you're kind of on the spot to hurry up. Anyway we went down to the Ts and got set up under the Full Moon. The Flyoff was slow for us with only a Pintail coming in which we dinged and a shoveler we hit which finally dropped on top of the levy across from us. Later we had a group of 8-10 pintail sneak in right on top of us which my buddy got one drake; another single came in which I'm pretty sure I nailed but might have been helped/double shot by my buddy and all of a sudden we are almost shut down on pintail with 2 pretty drakes. Another hen comes in from behind us and my buddy drops it with one shot and it looked like we had boat limits on pintail but when Lucy dropped it in front of us after the retrieve low and behold it had a pair of orange feet so Gerry would get another chance at a Pintail. A flock of Teal bombed into the dekes and Gerry nailed one which ended up on the levy and Harley dropped one out in the Dekes which Lucy took off after. Gerry's pointer Elsa made a great retrieve on his bird while Lucy's cripple took a dive and after a couple of moves Lucy grabbed it and started back to the blind when for some reason she dropped it and it immediately dove again. Lucy searched and searched in circles and even surrounded a close bush in the middle of the pond about 40 yards away with no luck. Suddenly Harley noticed a stream of bubbles in the water at our feet and low and behold this teal swims under a bush directly in front of us and buries his head in the grass. Gerry plucks it out of the water and we had no idea a duck could swim that far underwater on a single breath; fortunately he went the wrong direction. It really slowed down after 11AM with birds coming by every 60-90 minutes until we started packing up @ 3PM after Gerry came back from a stalk with another Greenwing that his pup Elsa made a great water retrieve. We ended up with 2 Drake Pins, 3 Gadwall 3 Teal, and 1 hen Shoveler. Gerry confirmed on one of his stalks the shoveler we dropped early in the hunt on the opposite levy was eaten by a Hawk we saw land in the the area earlier in the day leaving only a wing and a pile of feathers. I didn't find out until the day before our hunt the couple that owned the Concession Trailer that had sold Arrow weed for Blind material had closed shop and retired; fortunately I brought a collapsible turkey blind which helped quite a bit so keep that in mind you're going to need to bring something for a blind. Another note to think about is Harley brought his Mojo and had it running at first light; I brought mine along as well but I couldn't get it working as I hadn't used it in a couple of years. The first half of the morning we never had any ducks come down with set wings to land in the dekes however when we turned it off we did get a few groups come straight in and drop; this has been my past experience with Duck Mojos as you can't use them until December by law and by that time the ducks down here have been shot at enough they associate the Mojos with pain and don't commit. We hope to get another chance before the season ends on the 31st I have 5 more chances at a drawing but might have to make a midweek sweatline run.

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