Wind-ons, bait leaders and flat fall rigging

Feb 3, 2021
John Cannon
Salt Shaker
Hey guys, Newbie here. I've been reading a lot of your posts over the past few weeks and have learned a ton. I have a couple of questions for the group. Appreciate any and all responses.

1. Anybody just use an FG knot to tie on a spliced hollowcore loop to a 25' fluoro leader? I've never been confident in my serves, but do have confidence in my FG. I'll be using a bimini to form a loop in my main line and wanted the flexibility to trade out wind-ons depending on the fishing style (live bait, jigging, popping, etc).

2. I've got some time on my hands so i want to tie a bunch of leaders and wind-ons before a BFT trip in the Fall. If I pre-tied a variety of 3' live bait leaders with a SPRO power swivel on one end and a ringed circle hook on the other, would that be of any value, or should I just tie leaders on the boat as we need them?

3. I'd like to bridle-rig some super-glow flat falls and was thinking about starting with a swiveled 11/0 circle hook crimped to a 200# leader, followed by a SPRO power swivel/Owner #10 Hyperwire split ring attached to (the bend in) the circle hook and the flat fall. The biggest question in my mind is whether to put on a trailer hook (an 8/0 Jobu perhaps) at the end of the flat fall. Would that screw up the action? Is it a help or hinderance?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Apr 20, 2008
sf, ca
1. I either use a loop or the fog, not both. Have to get the legs just right with a loop.
2. For live bait, no swivel! Just the leader, which can be long or short depending on conditions. I always have a 20-25ft fluoro leader on one of my rods in case bft are picky, like usual.
3. Use a ringed hook for bridling. Tie or crimp leader directly to circle hook. Then make a loop in kevlar and loop on the lure, then on the circle hook. If you are bridling, this is the only hook.
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