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Ryan js

May 24, 2020
Ryan Sallinger
17 foot whaler
took one of my best friends out for his first off shore trip ever. We have taken him rock fishing before and he loved it so decided to kick it up a notch and blow his mind with some foamers. Launched out of Newport at 6 and and got a ok scoop of bait some of the sardines were like 3 inches. Than went out to make some macs but only managed 2 but what ever. Went straight to the slide worked the temp break for 1 small meter mark than made the short run to the 277 and as soon as we stopped we metered fish threw some fly lines out and some sinker ring out. Threw some chunk and like chum drifter for like 40 minutes for nothing but constant schools going under us. We dropped all the way to 25 but still no takers. But the schools were coming higher as time went on went from almost 300 feet at the beginning to like 50. Decided to reel it up and just toot around with a slow troll out and have some bean and cheese burritos as I finish my first one and am taking my first bite of my second one I look up and about 200 yards away there is a big old foamer just popping off. I yell at my dad to punch it and burritos go flying all over the boat we are falling over stumbling to get rods we get there and we fire poppers, colt snipers and surface irons in them for nada. This went on for about 2 hours just foamer after foamer. My dad finally hooks up on a popper and hands it off to my friend Cees and he is on it for like 20 seconds and it comes undone mainly because he has no idea how to fish but he had a good time pulling on it while it lasted. We tell him how to properly fight a tuna and what he did wrong and about 30 minutes later I hook up on a stick bait. Get it to the boat in like 1 minute. It was a small one I would say like 15-18 pounds. 20 minutes later I am bit again I wait for the first run to be over and hand it off to Cees no joke I look away for 30 seconds and I look back at the reel and I have about 50 yards of line left so I take it back and lock it down and it pulls hook with spool showing. I am guessing like 100+. Oh well 20 minutes later I am bit again hand it off too Cees again and my dad it bit too I try and make it triples but wouldn’t bite the colt sniper. My dad pulls hook and Cees gets his first bft to the boat my dad sticks a gaff in him and we celebrate! We pack it away and off to the next foamer my dad hooks up to a solid yellow fin and it stays up on the surface for some reason and jumps like a dorado and spits the hook. I have never seen a tuna do that very unfortunate. We call it a day there and head in with 2 bluefin. great day offshore. Glad I could get another one of my friends on their first off shore fish. Definitely a day to remember
one more thing do y’all prefer single hooks or treble hooks for foamer fishing. Because I have single hooks and I think I am pulling hook way too much. But that could also be because I suck at fishing.


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Apr 3, 2007
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Dude! That 11 year old kid is fucking shredded!
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