Inshore Why Not Go? 04.01.23

Jun 11, 2015
Dana Point
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arima - the SLIDER
As I drank my coffee this morning in the dark and watched Embarcadero Ramp camera and the Surfline camera at Salt Creek trying to decide whether to go out on the Rockfish opener. Not too crowded and not too sporty on the water. All signs pointed to, “Why Not?”.

I pulled away from the dock at 7:45am, went south. Nobody was down there that I could see. Boats however were stacked up at Dana Point Submarine Canyons. I avoided that area and did not get to try the areas I marked a few weeks ago. Conditions were not great as the water still looked poopy green with slow visibility. Drift was fairly-quick, so it was hard to drift over the stones at the right spot where the fish were. Water temperature was 55-56 degrees.


It was a tough scratch but managed a few. Descended more than I kept. I wouldn’t even have kept a few of these ones except I am going to a friends house tomorrow to help him with his computer and make some fish tacos.


You say Starry or Greenspotted?

Bolan accompanied me today and had lots of treats. I have to feed her about every drift to keep her from eating hooks with squid on them or whatever else the pig dog can find. Back home and cleaned up by 1:30pm.



Lunch tomorrow with my buddy on Palm Sunday

Just like with Lobster, D P is the land of the smalls. The search continues for the girthy models . . .

Congratulations SD State!

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Jul 3, 2003
Mission Viejo
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I go over to my in-laws and deal with their computer problems, they’re techtards… but I don’t take them fish at the same time! In fact, they usually take me out to dinner.
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