White Seabass Head Drop-off Locations with Freezers


Mar 3, 2014
Please save your white seabass heads! If you catch a legal-sized white seabass, please drop off the head at one of the many freezer locations around Southern California so that the Hubbs Sea World Research Institute can scan it to see if it is a fish from the hatchery.

For a list of drop off locations Click Here.

All the hatchery fish are implanted with a tiny wire tag in their cheek before they are released. This tag has an electronic bar code that contains information on when the fish was born, where it was raised, and where and when it was released.

If you drop off a white seabass head, please include your name, phone number, date you caught the fish, and the location (latitude and longitude would be the best) where you caught the fish. This will help the hatchery program assess how the hatchery program is doing and provide valuable information on the growth and movement of our white seabass stocks.
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