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    Hey guys,

    My name is Daniel Favato and I am from Toronto Ontario Canada. Over the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to work aboard a 42 ft post sport fishing boat on lake ontario, chartering for great lakes chinook salmon. In that time i have produced a handful of videos that portray the excitement behind what we do. In more recent years however, i have taken an interest in the east coast sport fishing scene. My captain Nick from back home brought the team down to North Carolina where we got the chance to fish for tuna and that was my first taste at the salt water scene.

    a few weeks back I was invited down with my brother to shoot a car show and to my luck, a friend had a connection in the Ocean city area that was open to taking me out on one of their off shore adventures. The intention was to catch White marlin and mahi mahi, and boy did we find em.. The mahi anyways! We did found 1 rogue white marlin aswell to tip the scales on the experience meter but it was rather slow for them from what Captain Austin was saying.

    Either way, another amazing off shore fishing experience!

    Heres the video of our trip!

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    Thanks for watching,

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    dude, that's awesome. Wide open mahi fishing.

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