Whistler/Flats/Bay--6/17/10 Not much


The Cooler
May 21, 2006
20' Neptune C/C, "no name yet"
This report is for 6/16. Messed up the header...

Headed out at 8am with great bait to try and find those schools of yellowtail. No life at the Whistler, so we headed in to the flats. Worked and area from the pier to the bullring and then west. There were some birds but the schools coming up were moving very fast, and we had a hard time getting close to them. At one point it felt like we AND the birds were just sitting there waiting for something to happen...and it didn't. Mixed up sloppy swell was tolerable until the wind notched up at around 10am. We did some halibut drifts for only a small BSB under 10lbs. Why are they so fragile coming up from 40'? You can put a sandbass in a bucket for 30 minutes and release...but you have to do CPR for 15 minutes on a BSB?

Around 12:30 I called it and decided to fish the bay. Why get beat up in that slop for nothing?? i can do that in the bay. Fished the bay until after 5pm. Caught 6 sandies, a few spots, one short hali, and your normal junk (lizard/guitar) fish. The sun did come out and the beers flowed nicely.

Not sure about plans for saturday...It was pretty dead out there.
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