which Seeker rod is better for Penn VISX30 ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by vipertom1970, Dec 23, 2018.

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    I got a Penn VISX30 with 100# baid and 100 Yards of 130# braid top shot. I like to use it primary on private boat for trolling, yoyo, and live bait double trouble rig on kite and some long range sport boat and wondering which seeker rod would you recommend. I am looking at OSP 3x, OSP 2x4 or Super Seeker 2x4.

    Is there a disadvantage for choosing an OSP rail rod over Super Seeker ?

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    I'll try....no knowledge of how you'd fight a big fish from a private boat, but based on what I know about doing so on a sport boat and the rods you mentioned:

    Because you mentioned the kite, my opinion is that the OSP-3X will fulfill your needs being able to fish a higher drag with more lift in that spectrum than the 2X4 - which I find to excel as a 100# test bait rod.

    The OSP is made of the same material as the SS per my lengthy conversation with Jose at Seeker...only the OSP is rolled out to 7'3" versus 7' in the SS family. If one purchases a blank from Seeker then of course, it would be rolled out even longer and have to be cut to factory specifications.

    The SS does not have an equivalent length 3X model in a factory wrap - they offer a 6463XXXH but it is just that, 6'3", which is a little short for today's rail fishing on aboat.The OSP-3X is 7'3".

    The SS comes with Fuji SIC guides, the OSP with heavy Fuji guides (which are excellent). If your needs call for SIC guides and you're okay with the added expense, you're in good shape.

    The OSP has a very heavy and sturdy foregrip that will probably last a lifetime being dragged up and down the rail; but the disadvantage is that it does add more weight to the rod when compared to a SS.

    Not affiliated with Seeker (or any manufacturer) and don't know much of anything. But I figured I can try and be of some help to your inquiry about these specific rods for your application.


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