Where to shoot a Wahoo in Baja - September?

Discussion in 'Baja Bytes By Gary Graham' started by Drakeskakes, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Right now, we need nothing more than to put a fat Wahoo on the end of our spear guns. We've been shooting tons of good grade fish in the Sea of Cortez and our freezer is full of Cuberra, Cabrilla, Grouper and Snapper. We need a DANG WAHOO!!!!
    Looking for anything in Baja within 15 hour drive from San Diego.
    Or, Southern Baja and Mainland Mexico right now if we find decent flights.
    Let me know what you guys thing.
    Cheers and tight lines.
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    An expert spearo like you should know. Head to Mag Bay and I bet they just lay there and let you shoot them.

    If not just keep swimming, sooner or later you should have a head shot on a 60 plus lber.

    If not just keep swimming, one should be around soon since a wahoo does not travel much... trust me.
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