Where do you find good deals on Jerry Brown spectra?

mike garrahan

Sep 7, 2007
la habra hts
mike garrahan
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My brother lives in Medford Oregon and he used to go over to Jerry Brown's house and get line directly from Jerry. He went over to the house recently and it looks like Jerry has moved to Sacramento and is no longer involved in the business. We were looking for a big spool of white 40lb solid, either 2500 or 3000 yards. I can't find what I want at any of the local tackle shops. Where have you guys been buying your JB spectra recently? I see that they have a website at jblineone.net. If I can't find what I want locally I will try to order some from the website. I saw a post a few weeks ago where the bookkeeper was arrested for stealing money from the company. I hope that everything works out OK for them. Jerry is a really nice guy and we have had excellent results with the line.
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