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Oct 3, 2004
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Bold is from me. Not bold from email. If you can confirm the filleting thing, please reply.

I am in a fishing club(stays unnamed) and just got an FYI email letting us know that
Cal Dept Fish & Game was at Seaforth Landing inspecting sportboats coming in from fishing on Thursday. They are checking each anglers catch to make sure you have no more than 5 fish of each species and no more than 10 fish for one day of fishing. In this particular instance they were inspecting all boats but especially those boats thought to be in Mexican waters.

Yes, they were making sure you had no bluefin as this boat was only fishing in Mexico. (I JUST READ A THREAD THIS CHANGED TO LEGAL TO FISH FOR FOR BLUEFIN )One of the problems encountered by the angers was that there catch was filleted and no patch of skin was keep on the fillet. So what happens in this case? DFW says it is a judgement call of each game warden, but you could be cited and fined for your fish that is not identifiable. DFW also strongly suggest that you no longer cut your loins in half. They must remain whole in order to determine if the fillet meets the minimum length requirements. The inspection of the boat took over an hour while each anglers catch was inspected.

So next time you go fishing remember:
1. Fillets must remain whole and a include a large enough patch of skin for a DFW game warden to be able to identify the catch.
2. Make sure you follow Mexican and California catch limits.
So what happens if you go fish in Mexican waters in the morning and then come into U.S. waters and fish the late evening for bluefin. DFW suggest that your fish caught in Mexican waters be keep separate or be able to positively identify the fish. They even suggest taking a picture of the catch with a digital camera to provide easy proof. One thing I do is to keep bright orange zip ties in my tackle bag. Once the fish is brought onto the boat, I secure the orange zip to the fish by looping it through the gill plate and mouth. I am told that DFW does not observe boat limits on private boats when fishing both Mexican and U.S. waters in the same day. So each anglers catch must be separately identifiable.

I cut out somre bluefin stuff here.

One sportboat from San Diego was already caught and is facing heavy fines and possible forfeiture of their fishing vessel.

IF YOU HEARD ANY FILLET, etc stuff. please reply.
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il delfino

yes have some...
Jul 25, 2005
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Just leave the skin on when you rough them out on the boat (I think its better to do that anyway, next best thing to leaving them on the bone for 24hrs)... not cutting the loins is crazy, what are you supposed to do use trash bags to store your filets? The DFG guys can tell the difference... just be respectful and demonstrate you understand the rules.
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Aug 4, 2014
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This is insane! Make sure to separate the fish you caught in Mexican waters from the ones you caught in US waters LMAO. I understand they need to count daily bag limit and do their best to identify a 1" x 1" square patch of skin but why would it be their job to enforce a bull shit law put into place by the Mexican government? Just sayin. Thanks for the info.
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