What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?



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Dec 4, 2005
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Unfortunately, Covid may stop the 2021 ICAST Show from happening.
The annual product development discussions there might not be held.
However, "just in case" I do get to go to Orlando this coming July, what new reel or rod models would you like to be brought up in the discussion?
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Sep 8, 2017
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A new heavy rod/rail rod that could be a competitor to Phenix/ the new UC rods, where it can be rated up to 200lb line, always wanting to buy more penn rods for big game but the rampage aren't heavy enough for my internationals and 50's.

Torque 8-10 lever drag/star drag

Some kind of metal made LP, we got the fathom and torque conventials, why not the baitcasters?

Side suggestion but I've had this issue when pumping a fish such as a tuna with my torque lever drags and star drags, my left arm always hits the clicker if i have that hand holding the rod. Any way to move it to the top of the reel side plate like the makairas?
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May 18, 2020
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Bring back the custom shop so I can finally get my blue penns.

Make a made in USA surf reel. Not a fathom/squall dcs style reel, but a torque or 975cs with a mag. Would be super popular in the Carolinas.

Bring back heavy duty star drags. International torque X style reels.

Oh, and how could I forget, BABY BAJA. US110N or US112N.
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May 8, 2020
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As everyone else has said, bring back the torque star drags. BLACK ONES PLEASE. That part cannot be stressed enough. Don't give us any of the gold stuff that just looks awful once it get's scratched. That black anodization was bad ass.

I personally would like the following in a star drag for the torques and fathoms. A 40N line of star drags with a bigger set of of gears and drags for those of us who prefer big star drags for casting with bigger grade fish on the line. Think of it like a super upgraded 533 or Trinidad 40, it will sell. A second size is the 15XN in star drags. Actually I'll make a list that labels everything out

Also, I have an idea of how you could rebrand the numbering system to make it less complex. First off, designate the size of the reel with a lettering system.

For reels of the smaller 15S/12S/10S/8S size... just leave them as that. S Indicating Small

For the bigger series, make it a 40M/30M/25M/20M/15M. M for the medium size frames. May have some rebranding issues here. - Edit- I explain the size changes below.

Then for a bigger line, a 40X, 50X, 60X. X for Extra large.

You could also just make it so the last series of the reel says N, that we know where the overlap is. I get the word narrow is catchy, but the system kinda of confusing to people new to the sport. Also you can just get more sizes, the sideplates remain the same it's just the body.

Also resizing the reels numbers a little bit, but based on the current size. Leave the 30 as a the 30, but introduce a new 25 size that is in between the current 30 size and 25N that is kinda synonyms with the Newell 332 size. Make the 25N into the 20, and then you have the 15XN as a 15M. To me that just kinda clears things up, and opens the doors to new reel sizes. I'd personally buy the hell out of the25M size and replace all standard surface iron reels with it. I'd also buy the hell out of a 40X for those bigger tunas when I need some better distance. The idea isn't to reinvent the wheel, just refine it.
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Oct 26, 2015
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Electric reels for deep drop or kite fishing. The real deal like Hooker Reels.
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