What is the consensus of driving in Baja MX at night?


Jun 28, 2007
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I always drive at night it doesn’t seem sketchy to me.. also have a nice truck that if anyone wants to screw with me I just take off and can take trails or whatever to get away. Probably not good advice but if you are driving at night make sure you are ready to do what you gotta do. Once you go drive to mainland Mexico to fish Baja seems like the safest place in the world
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  • Sep 8, 2012
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    Jeremy Rodda
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    It took an hour & 1/2 for AAA to arrive at Siquoa National Park the last time I called them for assistance…at least they came.
    Took them 90 minutes to get to me at 0400 on the 101 in Calabasas a couple years ago.

    And 90 minutes to get to me in downtown Boston, 8pm or so.

    I'd be stoked on a 90 minute wait in Sequoia.
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    Sep 5, 2006
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    I've been driving to Baja since the 80s. Much of that was driving at night...all night. I was young and stupid and while my wife slept I was nodding off and ALL over that road with my boat in tow. Gracias a dios I never crashed with her in the car. Nowadays, I still spend some time driving at night. Usually early morning before the sun comes up when I get an early departure heading home. My truck is loaded with lights. A big LED bar on the roof, and two LED bars on the bumper. To say I light up the road is an understatement. When I turn off the LEDs for oncoming traffic and I'm left with my factory lights I can't believe people actually drive like that. For me the substantial lighting is absolutely mandatory for down south in Baja. They have alerted me to animals many times over. And boulders that roll down the freshly cut hills on the 5. And if you get tired, pull over and take a nap. I learned that lesson the hard way. And when I see semis and busses coming up on me I slow down and hug the right edge of the pavement. Like I said, been there, done that, paid the price.
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  • Apr 23, 2022
    chula vista from hawaii
    bob marlin
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