What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus


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May 20, 2015
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Throughout this entire post, I couldn't have guest WB would be..... That! Hahaha aweosme read!


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Aug 20, 2010
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Day 5 “Happy ending”

With a good current we arrived at our tropical slip amidst paradise in PV around 4 am.

Soon everybody was on their cell phone checking their texts,calls,emails,facebook and checking in for their return flights.

I couldn’t help but notice that WB was also happy to be back.
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We stayed on or around the boat till about 7 before we settled up with the Captain and departed for breakfast at the Paradise Village hotel.

I know I said it before, but this resort is pretty dialed in and has a great setup in a perfect location.

Chivo, Erika, Nick and myself went to the breakfast buffet and had a great breakfast.

The other girls went their separate ways-probably a little happy to be back on land and steering clear of any further corruption.

Erika had a small stomach bug which made it difficult for her to eat this morning. One of the other girls and Big E also had this bug for a day and maybe passed it around.

Nick, Erika and Chivo at Breakfast.

After breakfast, Chivo was trying to get me to go to the spa and get a massage but mainly for a bday “happy ending”

Chivo always has great aspirations. He pretty much isn’t afraid to ask anything and shyness isn’t one of his attributes.

While the intentions were great and it didn’t seem like such a bad idea, guilt got the best of me and combined with an earlier flight , I opted out of that plan.

We made our way to the pool where they went in for a dip and I hung out for a little while before heading off to the airport.

Nick and Chivo in the pool

Not a bad place to end a trip.

Apollo coming in as viewed from breakfast.

Soon we said our good buys and I headed off to PV airport for a slightly delayed flight.

Back to the OC around 5 pm. And home with the kids by 7 for bday celebrations.

A lot can happen in 4 days.


The fishing- it was pretty slow this trip. Despite great weather and a decent moon phase the fish were stuffed full of micro squid. Every fish that came up was puking up this stuff, hard to emulate tiny squid .

What worked- The kite/balloon double trouble rigged cabbies worked the best. Plunker squid worked the next best. Flylining cabbies worked somewhat. They love squid down here.

What didn’t work- Jigging. Last 2 months there had been a great am jig bite which is one of my forte’s. This trip they wanted none of the metal.

PV- what a great area to fish. With the resort setup they have combined with the closeness of cow country- this place cannot be beat. The weather is also always warm. In the fall it is hot.

The only problem is the logistics.

It isn’t like LR trips where you can just lug you entire tackle collection from your garage onto a LR boat. You have to manage what you bring. It was stressful bringing the 6 setups I brought but I would still do it again.

Also because of the bait deal- you have to really manage and go after your bait. It can make or break a trip. No place to load 500 scoops of sardines down here and I am not sure they would really eat them that much any way.

The other thing is the hassle of bringing fish home. If you really want to bring home the fish you can buy the 50 lb bag coolers they were selling at the FH show(can’t remember the brand) and check it in as another bag on your flight. Some people bring home two bags(100lbs). I opted for none as I already had 5 bags on the way home.

The Maximus-

Capt Keith has this fishery dialed in. He knows what he is doing and loves to fish. They have great tackle on board-Accurate 50’s and Mak 50’s on seeker 2x4’s. He has a great smile and friendly demeanor. Be prepared to pay $25 per top shot and kite leader but the use of the rods are free. Make sure you ask what the costs are before you use the stuff.

The Crew were great. They were friendly and very helpful. The also loved to fish and hook fish /handoff fish.

The food was very good. Not LR quality –but good (I am not foodie and don’t care about food too much) The cook made great spicy Mexican food –which I like. If you don’t like the spicy stuff as much, let him know that.

The Boat- nothing that I wasn’t expecting. I was told it was camping for cows and that is pretty much what it was. It is serviceable. If it were my operation I would probably upgrade the boat to a new Maximus sooner than later. They seem to be doing very well with what they have. But I am always looking for a way to improve things in any business and that is what I would do- get a Maximus 2.

Fish processing-The Maximus has 2 commercial grade vacuum sealers on the boat and processes the fish. Maybe not 5 Star type processing but it is good for the area. The rest of the fish is donated to a local church (or something along those lines). Make sure your bags don’t go over 50lbs with Ice.

Flights- Based on what I heard, I would fly SW from John Wayne over Alaska from LAX. It is a small, easy airport to get in and out of and SW allows 2 free bags.
It is a no brainer I think.

Don’t forget to check in those reels on the way back. You can carry them on heading from the US to PV.

Over all I love the fishery down here, it is great not having to ride 4 days down /4 days back to get to warm tropical cow waters(though I do love the 4 day ride down, the ride back=not so much) With that said, because of the logistical aspects, there is more stress with the trip . Maybe surrounding the trip with a vacation at Paradise Village could help eliminate some of the stress. Maybe not bringing your own tackle would also (but I love my tackle) help. There are plenty of ways.

A Chivo style Happy Ending could also work......

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Aug 20, 2010
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thanks Guys,
I appreciate it. Crazy was the word for this trip.

I would like to thank Loretto Joe and Rodless Jim whose long range stories/reports I have loved to read over the years :)

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I've been considering, along with my dad, going on a long range trip, West Coast style, for years. This was a wonderful read and it has definitely helped make my mind up. Now it's just a matter of getting it figured out logistically and financially. Thanks for taking the time to write such an awesome report...both very educational and entertaining.
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