What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

El Pelon

Jun 7, 2012
El Segundo, CA USA
Bill Beebe
El Pelon
I have a great vision for the way I want my 44' set up for fishing in So Cal waters and south. A large two tank live bait system is a must, same system I used on my old 38" Uniflite, before my kids got involved with travel sports:) I'm tall and want the helm station moved forward like the Uni with full array of electronics built in, directly in front of me, no boxes above. This will free up tons of room for seating on the sides. Custom two person captains bench seat with storage underneath. New Recon QSM11-610's are a must for 22-23kn cruise along with great fuel economy.....I can go on and on, but will wait and keep gaining interest until the time comes. Love hearing from other happy Heni owners out west..
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Jun 21, 2009
So Cal
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I am running CAT C-12's, which were great until someone else hit something that put a tiny crack in the raw water side of the turbo (and broke a shaft, bent a strut, tore up the engine mounts....) that eventually killed the motor.

$56K later, CAT completely overhauled my starboard motor.

I cruise an honest 27 knots burning around 54 gallons an hour- she is not a light boat.

The engine room, cockpit, and fishboxes are huge, and she seats 10 on the bridge deck comfortably.

If I had unlimited $$, I would definitely buy a 50' Express.

I wish my 42' was a hardtop, as when we are running into them on windy days saltwater can leak in through the eisenglass zipper above the helm.

A seakeeper would be nice too, but the only way to install one that makes sense is to do it when the boat is originally constructed.

She can run 20 knots in pretty much anything and is great drifting.

If you are ever near Ilwaco, WA (mouth of the Columbia) stop by and I will show her to to.

Mike C

Thanks for the reply Mike. Congrats on one hell of a war wagon! I know Hen built a 50' HT with prop pockets.

I always wondered if those prop pockets combined with 1/2 Skegs would protect the running gear like a full skeg down east boat?

I fished the Willamette and Columbia for Salmon this summer with a few friends that live up your way.

I'll definitely hit you up if we head that way again. Would love to check out the 42.
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af dreamer

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Apr 16, 2007
long beach,ca
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I still contend that fuel is the cheapest thing you can put in your boat.Bill,you are welcome to use my boat anytime you want.Just have to send someone with you that knows the boat.Tom
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Feb 1, 2014
Oxnard, California
Hector F
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Just reading this thread is overwhelming for me. I personally can not even fathom spending that kind of money for the upkeep/operating costs of a boat of that size just for it to sit. Let alone trip costs and eventualy an engine rebuild. Maybe one day, but even then I probably wouldn't.
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  • Sep 7, 2017
    Surf City Ca.
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    Great thread, Always wondered about this..
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    Jan 5, 2005
    laguna niguel
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    The Hen 42 is my dream boat. Well 2nd behind the Hen 50HT. What's she got for power? Anything you'd like to change with the boat?
    There is a Hen 42 for sale in Dana Point right now. It is a beautiful boat. All rigged for so cal. Mucho Dinero.
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