WFO 2 day Grey Ghost extravaganza @ Catalina


Apr 11, 2008
The Gundo
Madrods USA
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Spent two days at Catalina and got 8 WSB to 42 pounds. I was able to even able to save two off the anchor; thanks to the ole kelp-cutter rig. If I would have had straight mono I would have lost those. We lost one WSB to a 400# seal, that slammed the Sea Bass into the side of the boat as I swung and missed with the gaff... I should have stuck it in his damn head! All in all we went 8 for 8 not counting the seal take away. It was a great trip on "The Sun Drop" with my buddy Scott. Also, we caught about 100 pounds of 3-4 pound Mackerals (biggest I've ever seen) for lobster season. We are going to whack the lobsters again this year although with this weird weather pattern we may be still catching Yellows and Dorados on paddies at that time? I think these Sea Bass are going to stay active for 3 more weeks, so go guys if you can. Remember: "Finesse fishing is for pussies, so pull hard and short-pump those bastards, because fishing ain't a sport, it's a kill.


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Jul 24, 2006
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nice killing there
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