Westside Ahi 7/23


Mar 10, 2019
Honolulu Hawaii
Seacraft 23
We were going to head up to the North Shore on Tuesday but then I started hearing reports about the fish showing up on the West Side. Couple guys were hooking multiples some as much as 5 fish in a day. I was a little reluctant because of the last couple skunks I've taken over there over the last month but after looking at the weather report for the rough North Shore compared to the calm and flat west side the scales tipped and the decision was made.... Leeward here we come.

I heard they were out front at the Pinnacle so we launched out of the Phoenician at 0'dark 30 but by 9:30 several hours later we hadn't saw any action or signs of life out there other then a Plastic bag we managed to pick up outside of Ko Olina (My 3rd for the year) There were a couple of boats who obviously got the same tip but nobody stopping or fighting so I began too second guess myself and the hot tip. I was feeling pretty foolish for switching my plan against my instincts to tuff it out, up out of Haleiwa so I decided to head North and see if we could get lucky a little farther up.

It was dead all the way until we got to the Kaena ledge by CO, but when we got to the ledge it was something out of a Hitchcock film. There were so many birds we couldn't figure out which set to stick with. Around 11ish my starboard rigger pops in between two flocks and the reel started spitting line so we went to work. The fish took over 600yds on the first run before we could start making ground on him. We slowed the boat down to practically neutral to start getting some line back but that just let him dive and turn it into a straight up and down fight. It took us almost 45 minutes to get him up to the surface, but eventually brought him along side the boat and got the gaff in him. My buddy Richie came through with number 2 from the other side and then heave, hoe, into the boat she goes.

Set back out the lures and tried for round 2 but no such luck. We followed one of the largest focks that kept bringing us farther and farther away from the buoy and the rest of the birds. By the time they dispersed around 2 the weather had picked up and we were already pretty far down swell from the buoy and a long way from the truck, so decided to call it a day and troll back down the 1,000 towards the harbor. There were tons of birds all along the way but no more takers for the day. We ended up getting back around 5 and headed home.

It felt great to get number 2 for the year in the boat and I'm hoping this is a good sign that the fish are finally starting to move towards the calmer water of the West Side. I guess we'll know for sure when I try again next week. Until then tight lines out there guys and good luck!

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Aug 6, 2010
Wahiawa,HI USA
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Matt and Richie, guess you made the right decision after all. Hope you were able to get out of Waianae this week
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