Went fishing, eh, 4/20 Montreal, QC, Canada


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Mar 17, 2011
San Diego/CA/US
Wai Jung
Seahawk II
Had made arrangements with Tony Perkins of Black Knight Guide Service for some urban fishing several weeks before. The weather was going to be marginal and expected to get worst after arriving in Montreal, Thursday, 4/19, so of the two days available, the decision was made to go Friday and endure wind with "showers" versus wind with outright "rain" on Saturday. The wind also made fishing the St. Lawrence River out of the question, so Tony decided it would be "suburban" fishing instead.

Met up with him in Longueuil, and we headed east to a more sheltered smaller river. 15 mins after launchIng, we found the spots for the day in close proximity...

They were striking on crankbaits by troll and by cast. About 2 hours in, I switched over to a 1/4oz orange-chrome kastmaster and managed to get just 2 fish before going back to the much more effective crankbait. I had stopped counting after the my 10th fish released; Tony kind of kept count and said it was over 60 of the same species for the two of us during 3 hours of fishing. Approximately a 60/40 split in Tony's favor--I was in his stomping grounds after all.

If you are looking to fish while in Montreal, Tony is certainly recommended.