Offshore Went 2 for 2


Aug 10, 2022
Nick Mitchell
Little late on the report. Went out Friday got onto a couple foamers and jumpers on backside of Catalina and the 499. Seemed like everyone was headed out to Osborne. We tried trolling with no luck on and off through out the day. Every patty we stopped at was empty. Water temps between 71-73. With no luck friday and the fair weather we thought we would head out for the night bite so we headed to avalon to fuel up and grab some dinner then head back out..

Made it out around the snail and the whole fleet was out there. Found some marks and jigged for hours with no luck. I had first watch till 230am the I passed out. Was woken up at 630 am to early morning foamers. The first 4 we couldn't get a bite on. The 5th one we literally ended up in the middle of a large former with 100# + fish only to get bumped twice with no hook up on iron, nothing on the fly line and when it started getting crazy some guy in a walk around in his tower trolling drove right through it about 30ft off our port. Gave him the finger as the fish sunk out, birds left and anger was building. We waited to see if the would resurface but nothing came of it. We headed north towards 172 and ran into the same guy. As we headed his direction he stopped and reeled in his lines as we passed by maybe thinking we would drive over his lines.. A few years earlier I would have handled it differently but now days I don't waste anytime on idiots.

Found no life out at the 172 so we headed towards SBI. As we got closer we got back into birds and whales then foamers. 1st foam we ended up with a double hook up and the fight was on. Both fish where landed and spirits were up and celebration as these where our first BFT.

Quick care of fish and we where back on the hunt. We cruised around a bit and had a couple breasers and quick foamers but wind picked up and chop started so we headed back to the barn with our heads high but soaked from the chop and wind the whole way back.

All in all was an awesome trip. Learned alot on this one but still want to figured out the madmac trolling and getting into some bigger fish! Also having issues with my TM185 tranduce on my simrad nss12 that I need to work out.

I may be done till next season as our fall flathead catfish bite is picking up here in AZ on the lake that I live on. Easier to be on the lake fishing with the wife and kid then offshore. That way next season my wife won't give me too much crap about being gone every other weekend when the bite picks up!!









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Sep 15, 2008
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A fair bit for the dinner table! Good way to end a season
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Feb 22, 2004
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jeff meeker
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Congratulations on an epic weekend and Great Report until you mentioned Flatheads and all I could see and hear in my mind after that was the Deliverance Flick, Come back next season and kill them again! Thanks for the Report!
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