Weather cools while catches remain steady

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, December 11, 2015
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa

    It's official! The new Border Bridge opened this week.

    Coronado Islands

    Still no report. Not likely to get one over the next 5 to 6 days either. …


    Up and down weather meant that “Reel Adventure" had to pick their days when the weather laid down. On those nice, calm days they found good yellowtail fishing at Todos Santos Island. A 200-foot pinnacle yielded 11 fish weighing 15 to 25 pounds that couldn’t resist 6X Salas lures.

    What couldn’t be avoided was the ever-present sea lion nuisance; by using chunks of fresh-caught bonito as a distraction, and heaving them as far from the stern of the boat as they could, they brought their yellows to gaff.

    San Quintín

    Weather-driven with some fog and cranky seas kept the boats on the trailers some days. However, on the good days, sea temps remained in the 68- to 70-degree range and the surface and bottom fishing was rewarding . . . yellows on surface iron at Isla San Martin plus reds and ling cods lurking on the bottom.
    Conditions were nice enough for some free divers to take to the water with good results.

    Bahía de Los Ángeles

    Yellowtail action still continues when the winds back off. And you didn't have to go far; there were fish as close as two miles from the ramp. Near the lighthouse on both bait and lures for yellows in the 15- to 30-pound class. …Enrique Daggett

    Bahía Ascensión

    Fishing has been superb this week. Our best day produced limits of big yellowtail with a 40-pounder topping the list. …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    Ernesto Flores tagged and released 40 broomtail and gulf grouper in the Estero de la Bocana, B. C. S. …Juanchy Aguilar

    Punta Chivato

    Went down two weeks ago to Punta Chivato and used a quad to explore new beach fishing areas . . . kicked ass! Lots of variety . . . alone, but it was fun. …Craig Cove



    Joey Bragole fished with Captain "Cuate" Fernandez on the north side of Carmen Island and nailed the biggest yellowtail in a slow pick. Most boats that I was watching had half their hookups on the bottom but did manage a few medium-sized yellowtail.


    The Mexican bonito (not "bonita") was mixed in with its cousins. If it's got a line of "puppy teeth," it's got pink fillets that are tastier than the yellow's!

    Today was the first good day for fishing here in the Loreto area.

    The windy weather continues to scream through Loreto with afternoon gusts varying between 12 and 18 knots.

    That doesn't sound too bad but when you couple that with the current that rips between the high spots and canyons you transition from uncomfortable to just plain scary!

    Our boatyard boss, "Gali" retrieved pangas after yesterday's trips and all he heard was, "Rollers around Coronado Island that must have been 15 feet worth of swelling saltwater!"

    I am wondering what that might look like next week when we see the wind projected at 35 knots…

    Seldom are there any accidents in the water and so far the water temps haven't bottomed out, so don't take this as crying!

    Jurelitos for bait from inside the marina and the hardcore crowd managed bigeye while trolling Sabikis outside the rocks.

    The boats that fished north at Puerto Almeja did well on medium-sized yellowtail in the 14-pound range.

    Captain "Tito's" group worked the south side of Coronado, "a little outside" of Lagrimas, for some firecrackers and one baqueta that weighed 31 pounds.

    At least a half-dozen boats worked the La Vaca high spots northwest of Carmen Island's Point Lobo with mixed results . . . cabrilla and a few of the Mexican bonito, the version with teeth that have delicious pink fillets.

    Joey Bragole managed one nice 30-pound yellowtail before the slow bite got too slow.

    Iron wasn't working today and not even on triggerfish. As a matter of fact, I think the swarms of triggerfish from the past month have moved on to different rock piles! …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay

    No Report.

    La Paz

    Robert Pettit makes a few visits to La Paz each year from Salt Lake City and hoists one of two yellowtail he hooked near the Las Arenas Lighthouse where yellowtail have been showing for the last two weeks.

    Don Nuttbrock from Milwaukie, Ore., poses with one of his yellowtail caught in the shallows just outside of Bahia de los Muertos. …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter

    East Cape


    The Official 2015 Scorpion Sportfishing Highlight Video featuring El Regalo! Thanks to all of our clients and supporters! We are so lucky to have such awesome support as well as the best captain, crew and community of friends. Visit www.scorpionsportfishing to have the time of your life in 2016!

    Fishing continues to be good in the East Cape. Tuna, dorado, roosters and marlin! December fishing has never been better. ...Anibal Miranda

    Well it is December here in Los Barriles as well but it is 77 to 80 degrees and the fishing is amazing. Marlin and sailfish are five miles off the beach in front of La Ribera. Last week we got 4 marlin before 11a.m., and 3 days ago got 2 marlin and a sailfish before noon. Water 76-78 degrees. Fished with a young couple from "No Barriers."…Larry Cooper

    San José del Cabo

    This week it was amberjack at Iman Bank. …Joe Turano

    Local fishing grounds are still attracting yellowfin tuna, dorado, wahoo, skipjack, sailfish, striped and blue marlin. We are anticipating on having summer and fall type fishing action lasting into this winter season, this as a result of warmer than usual ocean conditions. There are some cooler water species like sierra now appearing along beach stretches and bonito off the structure. No reports of any new resource for sardina, we expect as the ocean temps eventually cool, schools of sardina will return, hard to predict what is going on with these baitfish migrations, many factors involved. Whales are now arriving on their annual migration, numerous sightings, this activity should only increase in the next couple of months.

    San Jose del Cabo fleets concentrated most of their efforts on the grounds from the Gordo Banks to Iman Bank. There was good dorado action found early in the day, straight out front of Puerto Los Cabos Marina, 2 to 4 miles out, slow trolling caballito was the best producer, though some dorado also hit on trolled lures or ballyhoo, for anglers that were able to find any of these rigging baits. Most dorado were weighing in the 12 to 25 lb. range, nice sized fish, charters accounted for anywhere from one or two, up to four or five fish per day. There were also billfish, this past week anglers hooked into sailfish, striped and black and blue marlin. There was a story of a black marlin hooked later in the day anglers battled this fish until 8 p.m. before breaking it off, no moon at all and the crew did not seem to be making any headway.

    Yellowfin tuna was a bit spottier, though this action did show signs of improvement. The key to this action was finding sufficient supplies of squid slabs, drift fishing while chumming was the method that was working. Both Inner and Outer Gordo Banks were holding yellowfin of 40 to 100 pound class, most likely much larger, most of the fish being landed from these grounds were in the 60 to 80 lb., we heard of a local pangueros last week who caught a tuna that went 180 lb. Other heavy hook ups were lost, included more than one big fish lost to cut lines, suspected that some lost commercial set gear could be the problem. Anglers were lucky to land one or two of these tuna and had to be specifically targeting these fish. The Iman Bank produced a grade of tuna in the 15 to 35 lb. range, also nice fish and chance at more numbers, some charters had as many as 5 to 8 of these yellowfin. These were the same grounds where wahoo have been holding, the bite has been on and off, mainly on trolled baits, caballito, skipjack or chihuil, not much reported on trolled lures recently, of course more anglers are fishing the bait, compared to trolling lures.

    Some sierra now mixed with mostly smaller sized roosterfish found close to shore, inside the marina area locals are having a field day with the wide open barracuda bite. Bottom action consisted mostly for smaller sized pargo and triggerfish, a few bonito and cabrilla.
    Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas.

    Los Cabos

    Angler Paul Westlund caught this 11-pound sierra while afternoon fishing with Captain Francisco.

    While sea temps remain in the low 80s, the weather has cooled down from the stifling conditions in November.

    Billfishing is fair, however the fish are all over the place with no real concentration. On the Pacific side up at the San Jamie there are still some yellowfin tuna for the taking.

    The spike in the dorado bite has diminished somewhat but still producing enough to keep angers smiling and flags fluttering.

    Also the dorado have been going off for the beach bunch like Stephen Jansen.

    And the wahoo bite continues with the best catches reported in front of Gray Rock. As far as the rest of the inshore action, roosterfish and sierra are dominating the catch along with a few grouper and pargo down deep.

    A mostly sunny and warm week with temperatures varied from 67 nights to 85 daytime highs and an average humidity level at 55%.

    Sea temps ranged from 80 to 81 degrees on the Pacific side from the Finger Bank and down to Cabo San Lucas and around the corner to the Gorda Banks. Surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions and varied from near calm mornings to about 15 mph in the afternoons.

    Best Fishing Areas: The Pacific side remained the best at all the regular "hot spots," including the Herradura, El Faro, Jaime Banks, Migrino and Pozo de Cota, with all areas producing billfish and dorado…Larry Edwards
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