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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, September 13, 2015
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa

    Hurricane Linda rained on Baja's parade but stayed far enough West to avoid any serious impact.

    For Southern California tournament anglers fishing in the MABT, the offshore weather was terrific. The 41 boats that were competing racked up an impressive 54 striped marlin releases in the two-day event.


    “Papa Loco,” heading out from Marina Coral, with angler Giancarlo Scolari and Enrique Lutherot posing with the 172-pound marlin, caught four mid-size dorado and five yellowfin tuna as well. …Edgar Sanchez, Coral Marine Store

    San Quintín

    San Quintin Fishing Tournament Results: First Place (Tie): (New Vag Member) Ted Sleek, Beverly Hawley-Martin with a 21-pound dorado; Second Place: Tony (Familia - Marquez ) with a 19-pound dorado; Third Place (Tie): Vag Member Jim Horner, and David Partay, with a 18-pound dorado.

    Tuna, dorado, yellowfin and wahoo are lurking below the kelp paddies. …Captain Juan


    Rocky Cairnes and friends get together every year for a combo surfing/fishing trip to celebrate the life of their fishing buddy who passed away. Last year they honored him by crushing the tanker seabass. This year, they honored him again with a 50-pound wahoo!

    Capt. George spotted three fish while throwing iron from the bow; they started dragging rapalas and marauders and had a double -- one came off and the other was caught.

    San Felipe

    Just got off the Tony Reyes on Friday -- what a great trip! It was my first time but not my last. I'm hooked. …ALEJANDRO SALAZAR


    Bahia of Los Angeles

    Sight-seeing trip diving with whale sharks -- 166 different whale sharks on Bahia close to the Rincon area ... we d0ve about 45 minutes and spotted 25 different ones. ...Dan and George


    Bahia Ascension

    This was a great trip! If you guys want a long range tuna trip without the expense and a couple of days’ boat ride, go on this trip!



    We still have our resident fish to entertain the frying pans. Our mid-week fishing was cut short due to the offshoots of rain from Hurricane Linda. An inch of rain with moderate winds slowed things down for three days. It is still reds and triggerfish with an occasional spurt of yellowtail activity. Bait catching has been easy and that would tend to point to predator fish being close by too.

    A fair catch of cabrilla and pargo can be expected for the boats working along the coastline. North from "Linda Mar" and "La Picazon" all the way to the San Bruno Beach Camp area has been good. Work the rocks with live bait and troll hard baits in between.

    Our biggest pargo hit 12 pounds and the cabrilla weighed in a bit shorter at 8 pounds.

    The last report from down south was still a sad cry of "no bait" and "nothing but triggers." Small roosters and sierra have been visiting the harbor and dock areas at Escondido. Spinning gear in the late afternoon has supplied entertainment and sierra ceviche! The desert is very green and the car rental lots are full -- nobody in town. It's the off season, but soon to be busy, again! …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay
    Wahoo started showing up on the Ridge outside Mag Bay in the warm El Niño water about a month ago. …Bill Erhardt


    La Paz



    Fishing off the Punta Arenas Lighthouse, Donna and Roger Thompson from Long Beach, Calif., were using blue and white jigs and mackerel. They hooked six yellowtail and landed two; also Donna got the nice amberjack. They would have gotten more, but ran out’ve bait. …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International.

    East Cape


    We continue to have wonderful weather and fishing. Normal summer conditions with days in the low 90s, water temps in the high 80s and stable. You can expect to get rained on every now and again -- lots of small storms around.

    Good bait is freely available … caballito, ballyhoo and dead sardina.

    Billfish continue to provide good sport for those targeting them -- mostly sailfish action at the moment. Bob Weil from Philly got four sails in a day fishing on the boat Opah. Blue marlin and stripers are also on offer, mostly close to La Ribera.

    Tuna action has been good all week. Mostly football-size mixed in with a lot of skipjack … wonderful fun but nothing big.

    Dorado were mostly picked up on the troll this week. Not a lot of schoolies as were around last week.

    Wahoo were around -- practically all fish taken on Rapalas. Another tip, rig them with Fluorocarbon -- no fish hitting baits rigged with wire! Go figure!!!

    Inshore and bottom fishing was good again. Still picking up yellowtail! The trick here is to jig mackerel down deep. Often, yellows are coming up full of Lucky Joe hooks!!!

    Also amberjacks, pargo, cabrilla, etc., on the rampage; roosterfish were slow again this week. …Rancho Leonero.


    Billfish on the surface with amberjacks lurking underneath. …El Regalo

    The Sailfish bite remains hot, with multiple catch and releases to the North. Tuna have been in close, off La Ribera, with fish averaging 15-25 pounds…Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort


    San José del Cabo



    Gordo Bank: Targeted wahoo...got wahoo!


    Charter fleets recently have been fishing from Santa Maria, Red Hill, Gordo Banks, La Fortuna and Iman Bank. Although inshore baitfish are not as abundant as pre-storm, commercial pangueros were able to net sardina around the Marina Jetty area and just offshore they were jigging up caballito as another bait source option. On the fishing grounds themselves, there were bolito, skipjack and chihuil schooling. These were being used for whole and cut baits. Yet another option was to purchase slabs of giant squid for use as additional chum and chunk, always a good deal when specifically targeting the giant yellowfin tuna. Red Hill had been a hot spot for the schooling tuna, lots of fish up to 20 pounds, though this action then shifted south towards Santa Maria. Before the storm the water had been clean and the wahoo action was good, especially to the north of Punta Gorda, many wahoo to 30 pounds were landed as anglers trolled lures and baitfish. Now we wait for clean water to return and we do expect that action will pick back up.

    The larger grade of yellowfin tuna are still holding around the Gordo Banks; first day out after the storm there was a 145-pound and 294-pound tuna brought in to La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos.

    Also a blue marlin was landed from a 23-foot panga based out of Puerto Los Cabos Marina that was estimated to weigh over 700 pounds; it was taken on a large live bait on the Iman Bank. There was also a 300-pound class black marlin landed, as well as a number of sailfish and striped marlin, so definitely some variety available.

    Strong currents made it tough to fish the bottom structure, though a handful of snapper, pargo species were landed, both on baits and yo-yo jigs; as currents slack these fish should become more active. Dorado were once again few and far between, after a flurry of action the past couple of weeks; as water cleans back up, we should see more of these dorado in the fish counts. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas.

    Los Cabos



    This Texan couple definitely knows how to fish! Alan and Sandra from Three Rivers don't have a fish in their hands, but not because they didn't catch anything -- it’s because they released them all! They caught and released 2 striped marlin (90-120 pounds), 1 sailfish (80 pounds) and 1 pilot shark (80 pounds). What an amazing fishing day! …Pisces Sportfishing.

    The passing of Hurricane Linda caused the port closure on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8 and 9, 2015, and while a good distance offshore in her passing, there was still plenty of much-needed rain -- sporadic on Monday and Wednesday, but all day on Tuesday.

    Hurricane Linda became a Category 3 on Tuesday as she passed way outside of Cabo San Lucas and fell to a Category 2 and then to a Cat 1 on Wednesday as the storm passed and moved on to the northwest and above Magdalena Bay.

    While never a threat to Cabo San Lucas, she did provide plenty of residual sea conditions throughout the area with rough water conditions and some rainy periods. Early in the week and prior to the arrival of Hurricane Linda's conditions, the fishing was pretty good for the anglers and we saw an increase in the dorado action.

    Cabo Climate: Air temperatures varied from 74 nights to 92 daytime highs with a 94% humidity level -- a mostly cloudy week with a few days of rain.

    Sea Conditions: Port closed on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the passing conditions of Hurricane Linda, causing some rough water conditions that were unfishable and unsafe. Sea temperatures remained favorable on both sides of the peninsula from the Finger Bank and all the way around to Los Frailes, at 84 to 86 degrees. …Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters
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