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Aug 22, 2020
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So... you guys who use a short, heavy fluorocarbon leader to the bomb or jig... are you connecting directly to your braid, or using a mono topshot?
I Don't use mono at all , flouro top shots, wind on leaders, why use mono when there are better things then mono?
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Apr 3, 2008
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I have seen some anglers here on BloodyDecks are using fluorocarbon,130#, as leader for Wahoo Bombs and Jigs. It is said that it gets bit more, but it also has more causalities than wire leader. Also, what about using Fluorocarbon on the troll with Wahoo trolling jigs? I like the idea of Fluorocarbon leader for the jigs, but I also hate losing expensive jigs because of the leader. I just spend some $$$ for Wahoo bombs and would hate to see them all lost. I have two trips this year. a 7 day in very late June and an 11 day the first of November, and yes, money does enter into the equation. It is kind of open for discussion on what the members of BloodyDecks have to say.
I am one who uses fluoro for bombs and and jigs (mostly Raiders). But I typically use 180-200-220lb, whatever I have in the box. I have had fantastic results fishing that way, and I never had a wahoo bite through my fluoro.

Yes, I know wahoo can bite through the fluoro, and easily. If you keep your line tight, they won't.

I have been sawed off through the braid, and the fluoro does get scuffed up. When that happens, you have to cut off and retie. All things considered, though, using heavy fluoro to fish jigs and bombs has been extremely successful for me, and it hasn't cost me jigs.

I would think three or four times before using heavy fluoro to troll, though.
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