May 6, 2018
La Paz, Baja
Prokat - Parker - Angler - Cobia

Mexico is about to celebrate our independence, and the festivities will definitely have a bunch of fresh fish to feast on. We had an amazing week which was just the warm-up for the festivities that will take place over the weekend, and we’re definitely ready to have some epic fiesta with fireworks, cold beer, good fish and maybe even a little bit of Tequila.

We hosted a group of experienced Anglers from the Bloody Decks Community, and they had a pretty exciting 3-day fishing spree. Needless to say, they had a good time, reeled in some chunky tuna fish in the 50-80 Pound range. They did put up a good fight, but we definitely worked as a team to land the biggest fish we’ve seen so far in September.



The tuna seemed to upsize dramatically from the past few weeks, and boy did they put up a good fight. Just when the bite seemed to slow down, some juicy squid chunks woke up their appetite and ended up biting the hook, making for an exhilarating fishing experience for our seasoned anglers. Furthermore, other sightings and bites included a few Wahoo and a couple of Marlin.

It really does seem like the season will keep on delivering food to our tables, and we’re always glad to vacuum pack and freeze the very best chunks of fish for our friends to take home and enjoy for months to come. This week’s Tuna Team stroke hard and we’re really looking forward to having them over in our upcoming Mag Bay season which is already showing promising missions, starting October.



Spearos have come from many regions of the world to explore our most prolific reef and bluewater spots. This time we hosted a pretty rad couple from Hawaii who were Baja first timers but managed to snag a couple of Mahis to cook their own “Sea to Table” dinner for two. Some of their sightings included schools of Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi and the common reef fish we target like groupers and snappers that make for the tastiest grill feasts.



We can’t really spill the beans just yet, but we’re working hard on a couple of projects that will greatly improve our operation, and we will be ready to share the news once we’re done with the few upgrades we’re developing both on land and on water. It’s one of the biggest leaps we’re taking in the past few years, but we’re confident in our vision & mission to provide the best Baja adventure service of the region.

Until the next report, we hope to sea you soon and VIVA MÉXICO !!

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