Visiting Salvo NC- Aug. 22 to 24 looking to fish for yellowfin tuna-

Discussion in 'East Coast Fishing Reports Forum' started by themezca, Aug 19, 2015.

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    I am from San Diego. The fishing is wide open here for YFT. Guys are getting them 5 to 10 mile off shore. El Nino bringing in warm water. I will be at my fiances beach house in Salvo NC. Here in San Diego you can go out on a 3/4 day or 1 day or multi day boats for tuna etc.... 1 day trip is $200.00. These boats will carry up to 32 guys. I noticed there are no landings that provide these kind of trips in NC. Its all charters..... I aint paying $1500 dollars to chase tuna. Having said that anyone out there want to take me and my lady out for tuna on a smaller boat . We split gas, we got bait and will give you $200.00 bucks. Any info would be appreciated. Thank You

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