Vertical jigs plus a bonus troller


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  • Feb 20, 2010
    Long Beach Ca.
    Jeff Bruner
    14ft Valco, San Diego Long Range Boats
    I've got some various jigs mostly knifes and deep drops, but I'll though in a troller or popping caster as a bonus they are top to bottom:

    Savage Salt 30 170SS Don't know if this is a caster or troller or both
    3 Dragon Fly knife jigs 7oz. orange and yellow, Anchovy and a slightly smaller pink and silver
    3 Charkbait metal swimmers 2 anchovy and 1 green sardine
    1 wahoo jig purple and chrome, brand unknown. Looks kinda like a squared off Raider
    1 Charkbait Wedge pink and silver guessing 80gm
    I Mini swimmer looks like a very small colt sniper

    These are all brand new never used.

    $50.00 take them all will not separate. $8.00 more if I can fit them all in a small usps priority box for shipping P.M. if interested. Pick um up in N. Orange County...

    Verticle Jigs.jpg
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