Vertical Jigger-Spin


Nov 11, 2007
Baja Sur, MX
Bill Burkett
22' Twin-Vee Catamaran POLE CAT
I started my wrapping season last fall with a build for a new customer. He wanted a 50# stand-up trolling rod. He liked his rod enough to order a second one to match. Below are the pair.

Stan Allen 11.jpg

He next wanted a vertical jigging rod, but was not sure about just what he needed. So, while he was down here in March we fished together on his panga a couple of days to give him some experience with the technique. Ultimately he decided that a spinning set up would be the best for him and that is what I've built here. We decided to change up the wraps a bit, but keep the new rod looking like it belonged in the same family as the first two.

Blank is a Custom Builder, rated for 40-60 pound lines and 325 gram jigs, Am-Tac seat and gimbal and Fuji Alconite guides.

The tiger wrap in the split is not very photogenic and looking at it straight on it doesn't look like much of anything, but it is wild in person and very holographic, due to there being 4 layers of finish between thread layers. Any movement of the rod changes the patterns in the wrap completely.

The JTDS ahead of the fore grip is also the same as the trollers, yet different too.

Hope you like it Stan.

Stan A. -Jig 1.jpg
Stan A.-Jig 2.jpg
Stan A. -Jig 3.jpg
Stan A. -Jig 4.jpg
Stan A.-Jig 5.jpg
Stan A.-Jig 6.jpg
Stan A.-Jig 7.jpg
Stan A.-Jig 8.jpg
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