Venice Offshore- Finally!


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Mar 10, 2006
Venice, La.
captain william wall
33t contender

After a long summer of being absent from the fishing world I could not take it any longer. I officially retired myself from the Oil project in Venice and bid farewell to BP on October 9 with a middle finger and a cold one. The following day I loaded my boat with intentions of doing something that I hadn’t done in a long time. Catch a tuna and relieve frustrations. I patched together a small crew of two and headed long for the hell of it and just to air it out. My first stop for bait was easy pickings and shortly headed south. After arriving at ursa, I felt like I was visiting an old friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile. First bait in the water a 60lber clobbers it. You would have sworn that we had broken a world record with that fish. After celebrating over the simple fact of being able to tuna fish with a cold beer, baits back out. Fish on again and this one tries to dump the 30w. After a little over an hour we stick the gaffs in a 163lb fish with long sickles and a bad attitude. Frustrations officially relieved. The next day I gathered up a friend and headed out at the early hour of 9:30 to check out the shrimp boats. It was on to say the least. We boxed a 132lb fish and a 187lb stud and called it real. The next day I didn’t want to jinx myself by leaving early so I kept to my schedule. A captain buddy of mine along with one of his amigo’s joined me. The fish were hungry and we took advantage of the situation and boxed a 154lb and a 162lb fish and left them alone not wanting to be greedy. On the 15th and 16th I had Chris and Brian along with a buddy from so Cal. Chris and Brian are partners in Titan Tackle and specialize in custom rods and tackle. They had brought along some gear to try out and try it we did. Our first day I decided to hit the floaters again and we ended up a handful of small yellows. We ended the day picking up 6 snapper up to 20lbs along with a gag and a scamp that went 20lbs or so. The next day we stayed close and hit the shrimp boats. At first jumbo blacks were taking everything that hit the water along with bone heads. We boxed a bunch of blacks and hit another. Immediately a large yellow comes right to the surface eating everything. I hooked him up and Chris did an excellent job of fishing this fish that would later weigh 169lbs. We hit a few more and hooked another stud. Brian was up and after quite awhile we had the fish boat side and placed two gaffs in him and it was over. This fish later weighed 180lbs on the nose. Sweet indeed! On the 19th, I went for fun with a friend. We left late with intentions of keeping one yellow and trying for grouper. Our first boat yielded a 148lb fish that we subdued “ala rod holder style” in 15 minutes. Done with that, we went grouper jerking and settled with a warsaw in the 80lb range. The next two days I gave Captain Hunter Caballero, owner of Paradise outfitters, a hand. He had blown a lower unit a few days back and we fished my boat. Needless to say he is a machine. I followed his lead for two days and the total take for two days was 9 yellows from 100lbs- 178lbs. 1 white marlin taken on a whole pogie. 1 wahoo. To may blacks to count. 2 Cobia and a partridge in a pear tree! On the 15th I fished Tom Killeen and friends. We started the day early and headed south. After making bait we hit our first stop and nothing but dirty water. We pressed on toward blue water. Shortly after baits deployed we boxed a 50lb fish. For the next few hors we picked way at them picking up 5 more small yellows and headed north to work on the snaps. Our first stop yielded 12 beautiful snapper from 8-15lbs. With it still being early we tried for cobia before headed in and were rewarded with 4 in the 40-50lb range in no time. The face of Venice changes again. The docks at Venice marina for the past two weeks have been filled with afternoons of fish laying everywhere, music playing and fisherman covered in blood and celebrating over a cold one. The mullet run hasn’t even started yet and the fishing is solid. Good to be back.

Captain William Wall
Pelagic Charters
Venice, La



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Apr 24, 2003
San Diego
That Guy
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Right on Brother!

Very nice bag of fish there!

I'm jealous.


Nov 6, 2008
Nick Rekrut
sign me up. i want to get to venice bad! cant wait to try that place out! thanks for the report.


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Nov 29, 2005
tarpon 13t
Killer report. Fish gonna start leavin' when you untie at the dock.


Sep 22, 2009
Northern Colorado
Jason Jones ( Lone Shark)
Century 1801, Hobie PA14 & SoA
Good to see you guys are back fishing again...Did the feds finally lift the closure???

Full Eclipse

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Apr 22, 2006
24 Ft Skipjack Flybridge "Boomer"
Why in the hell would you wanna catch all those fish like that,How booooring!:rofl:

I hate you------------in the nicest possible way:hali_olutta:


Oct 26, 2010
Katy, Texas U.S.A.
Brian Brewer
Great Post, Will!!!
We had a fantastic time fishing. Thanks for putting us on those Monster Yellowfins. Flat calm and clear blue waters, great friends and big fish. You can't ask for a better day! We'll be heading back down soon for the Wahoo bite and to test some more Seeker rods.