Venice fishing report

Capt. Jerry

Aug 30, 2011
Venice La
Jerry Allen
Poco Loco
Capt Jerry Allen
Venice, LA USA

Monday and Tuesday the Tuna fishing was about as good as it gets, but then came Wednesday and it went OFF THE CHAIN!!!
The only problem I have is that I did not get to participate in the action Tuesday or Wednesday as I had no trips! Wednesday the fish were behind the shrimp boats like they should have been for the last several days,and they were there with a vengience. Most every boat came back with lots of fish and congrats to Capt Eddie Burger for his 198lb. Yellow.
The fishing the past several days has
really been good. An example of that is Capt Will Wall left the dock at noon Monday, and ran six miles out
and in no time had a 150lb Yellow in the boat. He said he was in site of the light house the whole time they were fighting the fish.
Seems like the shrimpers have finally been able to stay offshore long enough for all the Tuna to find them and with this next front only lasting a couple of days, and not getting too awfull rough I think the shrimpers will stay in place and keep attracting more Tuna!!
I am way excited to get back on the water for a little pay back as I said earlier I misseed out on all but one of the best days. We fished Friday through Monday with mixed results. We had a couple good days with Blacks ready to eat anything we fed them and we wound up with a couple of Yellows, although we never had one go over a 100lb. All in all throw in a couple of AJ's and some Scamp and all is good.
This front should be out of here and hopefully we will be back on the water by Wednesday. I have Friday open so if anyone wants a shot at a really big Yellow give me a call.
Capt Jerry Allen


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