Vagabond 7/17-21

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Jul 7, 2005
Granada Hills, CA
22' Supreme Wakeboard Boat
We loaded the boat and left for the bait barge where we topped off the tanks with nice looking sardines. The plan was to go to the Coronados, fish the rest of the day and the next morning, then head to the bluefin grounds. The water had cooled and the bite there was not worth sticking around for.

Next morning on the BFT area, we go a few in the mid-morning and later in the afternoon the fish started showing on the surface. I got 2 on my Tranx 400 on 25#. I was quite disappointed that the drags were constantly backing off during the fight. For a time my brother and I had the first 3 of 5 fish. Total for the day was 14.

Friday, fishing was equally tough, we"d find a school and shut down and try to chum them up. We'd get a couple and try to find some biters. After lunch, my brother and I hooked bigger models. After extended battles Bryan landed a 70# model. My spectra broke with the fish on the top of the water almost to gaff. I believe if the drag on my 500 Tranx wasn't backing off constantly, I would have landed it. Mike estimated it at 80#.

Sturday was windy with a good swell. We still had five anglers without a fish. A couple of the fishless ones landed some and Bryan donated his 5 to those that needed fish. I believe the trip total was about 40 BFT and a handful of YFT (small).

Flyliners were fishing 30-40# test with a small hook. The rubber band sinker guys started getting some late on Thursday. The continued to get some each day. Flat falls were working fairly well for the guys using them. Bryan and I got the big ones on snipers - mine on the sink and Bryan's on the grind. The 80 gram ones i was told work best.

There's a huge volume of reluctant biters. Best of luck being out there when they bite!

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Jul 20, 2004
El Lago Tijuana
Trident Yak- Grady White Seafarer
Sounds like you and your brother had it dialed in. The drag problem on both Shimano reels is concerning. You believe trying to tighten the drag mid fight put too much pressure and the line snapped, at the knot or main line?
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  • Dec 5, 2007
    Santa Barbara
    Thanks for the report Steve, every year is different to be sure. I leave Sunday with Mike for a 3 day. After last year, I went on the heavy rig side prepping in hopes for a repeat. It's good to know what's happening out there and be prepared for what will come our way.
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