Vagabond 5 day


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Mar 15, 2008
Dana Point
Matt Vander Dussen
Boat Name
19.5 Chaparel Striker
Saturday 6/12
My dad and I left San Diego around noon after getting bait. We headed 240 miles south with 20 passengers to begin albacore and bluefin fishing.
Sunday 6/13
Began trolling a little before noon. Mike Lackey (Captain of Vagabond) had warned us to use at least 40 pound test because mixed in with the albacore were some bigger bluefin. Sure enough on our first jig strike we picked up a few albacore and right in the mix, one of the passengers, Don, hooked something big. Turned out to be a 115 pound bluefin. Took Don 3 hours to land the fish. Unfortunately he became sick (dehydraded) and had to hand off to the deckhands after about two hours. After a short break he came back and finished the fight. An incredible fish on 40 pound line. It was a little unfortunate for the rest of us because we lost about 3 hours of prime fishing time however, I was glad for Don! We ended the day with less than 100 fish, mostly albacore with a few bluefin. Only had one decent bite where the albies came to the boat otherwise we picked up a few here and there. Key to getting bit was fishing the slide.
Monday 6/14
Began the day with a bluefin bite at grey lite. Picked of quite a few bluefin in the morning. Mixed grade of fish anywhere from 15 to 36 pounds. Had a few stops for mixed albacore and bluefin. Were fishing near the seiners. . By early afternoon the bite was pretty much over. Picked up a few more in the afternoon but overall fishing was pretty slow. Fish didn't seem to want to come to the boat. You would see bluefin boiling but mostly all show and no go! Left offshore with around 150 tuna for the day and a half we were there. Less that 100 albacore and and the rest bluefin. The albacore were a nice grade of fish most of them were 20 to 30 pounds. Most fish were caught using 30 to 40 pound test. Troll fish were caught on the typical albacore feathers. What worked for us was a blue and white cedar plug. Conditions were bumpy but fishable.
Tuesday 6/15
Traveled all night to Cedros. Had one decent bite in the morning where fish were hitting yo yo iron. Most fish were 12 to 20 pounds. The afternoon was spent in the lee of the island looking for bigger models. The lee was calm but fish were not biting. Enjoyed the weather after being beat up offshore and we caught a a few bigger fish, but for Cedros, fishing was slow! There was no curent at all. Ended the day with about a 100 yellows.
Wednesday 6/16
Traveled north all night and did a few drifts for rockfish at Jeronimo. Fun fishing for quality reds and other assorted bottom grabbers in about 150 feet of water. Spent the rest of the day trolling north and looking for tuna. However no biting fish were found
Thursday 6/17
Arrived back at the dock around 12 noon. Overall boat total was around 150 tuna, 100 yellows plus rockfish. We had a typical group of passengers, many experienced anglers and a few rookies. Vagabond crew does an excellent job of helping those who are inexperienced and making sure they catch some fish and have a great time! My dad and I had a great trip. We ended the trip with 20 albacore,(20 to 33 lbs.) 10 bluefin,(15 to 30 lbs.) 10 yellowtail (12 to 20 lbs.) and 20 or so quality reds. My dads biggest was a 31 lb. bluefin, my biggest fish was a 33 lb albacore. I missed 3rd place jackpot by 1 oz. Jackpot was a 36 lb. bluefin.
As always the Vagabond was great. My dad has been fishing the Vagabond for almost 20 years. I have been fishing the Vagabond for the last 9 years. My first trip was when I was eight! Excellent meals, great crew and as far as I am concerned, Mike is the best captain in the fleet. He knows how to catch fish. If there are fish that are willing to bite Mike will find them. In a hot bite you will find him on deck helping his passengers, hooking and handing, untangling knots or gaffing fish. He saved my dads biggest bluefin for him. Also, my dad says that one of the reasons he likes the Vagabond is that Mike treats his passengers and his crew with respect!
Jeff Squires from was on the trip and will be posting a video sometime in the near future if you are interested. Enjoy the pictures!
Enjoy the pictures!


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kahuna bass

Sep 24, 2005
Boat Name
Vagabond & Excel
Congrats Matt & Nick, you guys did great!!

I too had wish to make that tirp, but the "work thing', has to come first.

As for the Mike and the Vagabond crew, their fantastic!!

Maybe next year.......
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