Vagabond 4 day


Oct 3, 2004
San Diego
John Gleaves
20 foot, Westcoaster, Roadrunner
I was on your turn around 3 day, sleep was the biggest challenge for sure. I got taken out on night one being cut out of tangles with my 2 best rigs and knife jigs. Fortunately my son in law got 2 and had the processing bill to prove it! After the 7 hour drive home it took me a couple of days to catch up on sleep. A great trip and by far with the most fishing time on a 3 day I've ever experienced. Mike knows his stuff and you could hear it in his voice on our last day that he was going to look for smaller fish after several anglers got spooled. What happened to the peanuts??
I was also part of the spectra basketball that got cut off. Lessons learned = bring an extra spool of 100 lb as the boat has no extra spectra, only mono. Plus have a few more knife jigs ( got 7 more ). sleep management is a must,. I think I got to tired and made a few mistakes. I was worried about the guys making long drives like you after the trip. I only live 15 minutes from the landing. I passed out at 3 pm after cleaning the fish from the trip.

Put my deposit down on next years same trip --- 10 July 11 am = Wed to Sun July 13 6am - 3 day, trip 11-2022 as it is up on the schedule now

Heading out on a 6 day on the Vag in a week headed to Lupe. gearing up again. Can't get enough
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