Used GF850M, Sabre540, Seeker 270-7 Newell p220


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Nov 27, 2014
Sergio Huitzil
Used Calstar grafighter 850M custom built twine handle blk white wraps has nsg guides sic inserts asking $200

Sabre 540 in great condition full length custom built double wrapped tan white tipets and brown with gold rings has bnlg fuji guides twine handle which needs to be redone asking $250

Seeker 270-7 custom built 7' has xbg guides with cork tape handle great 12-20lb stick asking $50

Newell p220 needs handle nut and red washer and a bearing to get it back going conditon 7/10 mechanically 8-9/10
Asking $150

Seeker SSULUA93H. 10' 1" Blank its a second some areas of the blank paint is scratched no damage to the blank, just paint
Asking **SOLD**

Penn 100 with newell bars and base with penn aluminum spool great condition cosmetically 9/10 and mechanically 9/10 asking $50

Newell parts
Clamps $10ea
2 -200 size
1- 300 size
200 size blackie handle $20
332 spool $20 not sure on series
332 bars $10
Newell metal drag washers and belleville washer came out of a p332 washer $10

Newell stainless brake kit for 500,501,309,112h $15

Pick up in south gate can meet at Azalea plaza on firestone and atlantic msg me if interested i can ship reels and parts on your dime rods must be pick up

20160427_173833.jpg 20160427_173840.jpg 20160427_173742.jpg 20160427_173734.jpg 20160427_173913.jpg 20160427_173934.jpg 20160427_172753.jpg 20160427_172748.jpg 20160427_175324.jpg 20160427_175235.jpg 20160427_172654.jpg 20160427_172649.jpg 20160427_172639.jpg 20160427_172623.jpg 20160427_172542.jpg 20160427_172555.jpg
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