Used Fishing Junk. (Rods and Reels)


  • Jan 3, 2020
    San Diego
    20ft Skeeter Zx20Bay
    Located in San Diego.

    It’s not all complete crap. I live in a one bedroom condo and it just takes up space. If no one wants it I’ll figure out what to do with it.
    The reels could be used as parts or if you know how to service reels you could use them as loaner reels, or let your kids beat the shit out of them so they don’t ruin the nice stuff. They are heavily used and abused. The spinning reels “function”. I know nothing about the Abu’s. Don’t let the pic fool you they aren’t pretty.
    They’re all older. 50$ for the lot.
    Penn Battle 5000
    Wright and McGill Sabalos AL 3000
    Quantum Smoke Pt inshore 30
    Quantum Escalade 7.0:1. Appears to fine just a lower end real.
    Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Kalex 51 (left hand)
    Abu Garcia 5500 C3 ambassadeur

    The rods are all fish able and most of them I just haven’t used in quite some time. Some have some damage and will be priced accordingly.
    Abu Garcia Vengance casting 7’ MH 12-20 3/8-1oz-20$
    St Croix Wild river casting 2pc 8’6” 10-17#. It’s a salmon rod but could be a cool surf rod for perch and stuff. 40$
    Lews Carbon Blue Gt Speed stick casting 25$. 6’10” MH 10-20#
    Crowder Rods Salue 6-12# 7’. 10$ broken guide. Spinning
    Okuma Cedros Coastal 7’ 10-25# casting. Flex coat around the eyes looks a little discolored 20$
    (4) Seastriker Billfisher ST2050. Maybe 5’6” and I’m guessing 20-50 since there’s no line ratings on it and the number has 20&50 lol.
    30$ For all four. . They all look fine
    Star Rods Aerial surf rod. Spinning. 8’ 12-20#.
    Cork tape on the fore grip is unraveling and has a spot of flex coat missing. 10$
    Shimano Stimula? 5$ 7’ 6-14#. Seems fine.

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