Urgent AB665 need calls today


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Jun 19, 2008
San Diego
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AB 665 (Frazier) would help prevent cities, counties and park districts from adopting ordinances and other regulations which ban or interfere with hunting, fishing and depredation control activities.

Remember the pier fishing issue in Manhattan Bch this would stop them from voting to end fishing on the pier

It passed the Senate and was looking good, but the HUMANE SOCIETY and others are now trying to kill the bill in the Assembly which is meeting today.

I URGE YOU TO IMMEDIATELY TAKE 5 MINUTES TO CALL AS MANY OF THE FOLLOWING ASSEMBLY MEMBERS ON THE Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife AND VOICE SUPPORT FOR AB665. It is believed the Republicans on the committee are FOR it, but the Democrats may be against it based on the lobbying efforts of the anti hunting community.

PLEASE, take a few minutes and contact as many of these democratic members and let them know:

As a member of the Water and Parks and Wildlife committee, tell them AB665 passed the senate 26-11. and you urge them as assembly members to support AB665 as well. We want to re-emphasize State control over fish and game management....And minimize local government interference with hunting and fishing.I can't emphasize this enough to all of you. I Just called every member's number and am following up with e mails. But it is CALLS that may help us today.

Please call as many as you can - especially the Democrats on the list below.

Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife

Committee Members

Marc Levine (Chair)

Dem - (916) 319-2010

Frank Bigelow (Vice Chair)

Rep - (916) 319-2005

Matthew Dababneh

Dem - (916) 319-2045

Bill Dodd

Dem - (916) 319-2004

Cristina Garcia

Dem - (916) 319-2058

Jimmy Gomez

Dem - (916) 319-2051

Patty López

Dem - (916) 319-2039

Jose Medina

Dem - 61 (916) 319-2061

Anthony Rendon

Dem - 63 (916) 319-2063

Rudy Salas, Jr.

Dem - 32 (916) 319-2032

Das Williams

Dem - 37 (916) 319-2037


Brian Dahle

Rep - (916) 319-2001

Beth Gaines

Rep - (916) 319-2006

Matthew Harper

Rep - 74 (916) 319-2074

Devon J. Mathis

Rep - 26 (916) 319-2026


Aug 15, 2004
Vagabond, The Last Minute
Why would humane society get involved in a bill like this makes no sense
It makes PERFECT sense. It is harder to drive the agenda on a large scale. But with abundant opportunities at the local level, they can chip away little by little until they have a enough of a footprint to hit the big tickets.