Upgrading electronics help Bass Tracker Pro Team 175


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Jul 3, 2012
Trevor Alexander
Bass Tracker Pro Team 175
So I need help with everything for a project that I will tackle soon. I have a 2001 Bass Tracker Pro team 175. I have always wanted to upgrade the trolling motor and electronics on it. I got lucky and found a heck of a deal on a Humminbird 1187, 787, and a MinnKota maxxum 80lb thrust. I am going to pick it all up Friday, but I have talked to the man twice and he is a big hearted tournament fisherman looking to help a college student who loves fishing.

So for the trolling motor I have these questions/ concerns. Seeing that the boat is near 18 foot and after looking on MinnKota's chart it looks like I need to upgrade the wiring. I think my boat currently has 8 gauge wiring and it calls for 6. For those of you who have tackled this project would you agree? Also where did you buy your wiring from? It looks like I will have to spend at least $70 for the wiring. Also I need to upgrade to a 24v plug. What is a good one to fit on the front of the tracker so I don't have to modify/ cut the plastic trim work where the receptacle is and trim? Also if you have pictures this would be greatly appreciated. I also am ordering a 60v circuit breaker (I think that is what it is called). I have already purchased another 12v 27 battery and jumpers so after I get the wiring, breaker, and receptacle I should be good. As an afterthought I have a friend of my grandfather who is going to sell me a 2 bank charger for cheap. My boat already has a single charger so I guess I can hook it up to the cranking battery and then the 2 bank to the trolling motor's batteries.

The gentleman I am purchasing from informed me the 1197 has a hockey puck type GPS transducer. Where should I mount this? I watched a video about making sure it doesn't have electromagnetic interference and all that. In the most recent video I watched the man recommended mounting it on the back of the boat instead of on the front close to the trolling motor. He said when you get in rougher water it will be bouncing around a lot. It also think it would be beneficial to mount it near the back somewhere so I don't have to drill and run it all over the place to hook it up. So once again if someone has images of how they have done this in the past it would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly I asked a local shop how much they would charge to do all this. They told me around $120 a unit. All that would add up to 360 plus how much it would cost for wiring if I needed it. That is a little crazy to me and I would way rather learn how to do all this on my own. I am decently handy so I am up to the task. I also have a friend who said he would help me pull the wiring for the trolling motor so that will be nice.


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Where are you located?
Look for some of tht stuff on Great Lakes Skipper.
Check the shipping cost as well.