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Jul 21, 2007
Southern California
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Hello all,

I am hoping the experienced rod builder knows this answer. I have 2 different brands of rod thread finish I found in storage. I noticed the bottles are getting yellow/amber colored. If I use this will the finish still be clear after mixing or will I get a yellowed weathered look? Once I open them will I have to use them up quick or do they still have a shelf life?

I know I could have just tested on my own, but I didn't want to open it if I have have to use it all up soon. I don't have that many rods to coat just yet.

Thank you!

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Nov 20, 2011
Chuck Mc
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They will still work as needed. Personally, if i used either, it would be over darker thread colors.
The fact of the.matter is, if you use thin coats, it will still look pretty clear. Check for yourself: mix 2 or 3cc of each in a clear plastic cup. Then coat a wrap of black nylon thread with it and a wrap of white or yellow NCP type thread and let cure. Be sure to leave a thin layer in the bottom of the cup. Let it all cure and see the results for yourself. That should tell you what you want to know. I haven't tried all finishes so far. Maybe all but Gen 4. All will yellow with time anyway.
The precatalized urethane finishes do better avoiding the yellowing over the long haul. Of the ones I have used, CPXtra from Voodoo Rods is (at least for me) the most user friendly of them. The downside is having to use quite a few coats to get any decent buildup compared to epoxy finishes. And because it can go "off" or set so quickly, it's a pain in the ass. I've used several coats and then used epoxy finish over that for a better buildup.
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mike garrahan

Sep 7, 2007
la habra hts
mike garrahan
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I have an entire gallon of Classic Coat that I got when Cousins went out of business. It has darkened exactly the same as yours. I use it over black and other dark colors and it works just fine. When you are looking at the hardener in the bottle you are looking through 2" of material. When it is on the rod it is a very thin coat and it is mixed 50/50 with the clear resin so it is not all that dark. If you are going over white or very light colored thread then I would use fresh epoxy but for dark colors the older epoxy will work fine.
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