Jul 17, 2017
Tuna Grounds
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No Cal Lou
Oct 1, 2009
Green Valley, Az
Lou Salatich
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Then the tip is still to stiff. Most people I talk to, ( all 60 years old or older ) that have caught fish over 150lbs on a CX VIPER complain that the rod beats them up.
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Do you even fish?
Jan 26, 2008
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shit talking
Love it it’s an all you can do rod
Rated 130-unlimited
Don’t let that rating fool you. It was built for cows and to fish short top shots and take on the shock fishing flourocarbon

The tip is quite fast and soft and literally can fish 80lb and once you load it up, it has insane back bone

I’ve fished it for sinker rigs, dropper looping for yellows down south and night time jig fishing

Love it for night cuz you can go really heavy and apply lots of pressure. Kill those fish quickly


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Darin Dohi

Jul 22, 2014
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Hey everyone…the basic premise for the design of the Deviant was to create a rod with the tip of a Viper and the back-end power of the Gladiator. I actually wrote about it a few years ago. Unlike a lot of new rod designs where a new rod is often times a derivative of something else, this was a bit more unique. The glass to graphite ratio was changed. There is considerably more glass in a Deviant than a Gladiator and the tip size is smaller. When loaded, the Deviant will have more forgiveness or stretch than a Gladiator but without losing a lot of the recoil and lift.

We knew the rod would NOT be for everyone but it would be exceptional for the guys actually looking for this kind of rod. IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! I repeat…it is NOT for everyone. I still fish a CX76Viper for my 100 flyline rod and would not hesitate to tie up 130lb on it if I didn’t have my Invictus handy. The Deviant is my go to 150-200lb rod. Kite, Chunk, and even Flyline rod for the big stuff. I have used it for Skipjack fishing. We use it a lot for nighttime jigging. The bottom line is that it works well for big fish.

So with that cleared up, let me also say that at the request of Randy Penny, the owner of United Composites USA, the Deviant model, although it is manufactured in their plant in Huntington Beach, CA, it is not a United Composites product. They are manufactured exclusively for 310Rodworks and have not been and will not be added to their lineup. Again, it is a collaboration between our companies but not a product of UC. That is understandably confusing. We have now re-numbered it to 310Deviant to try to avoid the confusion. That does not at all mean that I personally wanted it to be this way. I actually wanted UC to pick up this design for their rod line. Randy decided against it as it would further clutter up the railrod line that he is already producing. I honor his request and just let you know that the blank is available to all rod builders so they can put them together. I also have them built as factory rods for those who might “NEED” one for a trip and don’t have time to have it built.

I hope this helps.


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  • Sep 23, 2019
    West Hills, CA
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    It is a beast of a rod! Sadly I have not tested mine on anything over 150 lbs. I even took it down to PV twice and no luck. Hopefully this season I can really put it to the test.
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