United Composites, Rare, Red GPX 70 Raptor Blanks at Bob Sands Tackle HOT HOT HOT

Bob Sands

Feb 26, 2011
Van Nuys, Ca USA
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Good evening all,

Our last delivery from U.C. included some of the very Rare, Red GPX 70 Raptor Blanks.. This version, in the 7 foot model, has really added to the power of the CX Predecessor.. This version is also one of the rarest of the Red GPX blanks due to how few were built.. This blank will build into fantastic night and daytime Drop jig rod when targeting those Big Bluefin or other large finned critters..

For those who love a 7 foot rod for this application, consider building them with a longer, thinner foregrip and no cold shrink. Building these blanks lighter in weight, matching these to a medium framed reel, may give the user an amazingly beautiful and fantastically functional rod for those long nights dropping jigs. This rod is also a wonderful all around rod for lines up to and including real and true 80 pound test line.. This product will also be a wonderful option for those using dropper loops and Jigs on the bottom near structure as well as bait for places like the Lupe for larger grade YFT.

Like all of our Red Blanks, these will probably sell out quickly so if you are interested come on by the store or call the shop, pay over the phone and we will gladly hold or ship your product at your convenience.. As always these are first come first served as these GPX Red Blanks will not be made again.

Have a great season,


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