Ultra - 7/2 - Nic

Adrien Baker

Born to get down.
May 18, 2016
Adrien Baker
Private Charter on the Ultra (my charter). Loaded up Sunday night after they got in from a tough two day trip. Was waiting until departure to decide on where we were going to fish. Talked to Mikey, heeded his advice and headed to Nic tanked with live squid (benefit of fishing a squid boat) and sardines. Woke up around 5:30 with half the guys already on deck and fish hanging. Sunk the dropper loop down and hooked up. I went two for three on the biscuits, I think we had five or six casualties total--one was a mammal interference. We boated 22 sea bass and a halibut at that spot. After the bite died down we head for another area to try some halibut drifts hoping the sea bass bite would pick up a little later in the day (we only had to around 1:00 to fish). Talked to the other boats in the area and the bite didn't pick back up so we hit some cod spots before heading back to the barn. Charter group was happy, crew was happy, I was happy. Awesome day and always limits of the fun on the Ultra!


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