Ucluelet Salmon Fishing - Double Header


Nov 14, 2007
Vancouver British Columbia
Trophy Pro 2002 WA Hard Top
Chinook Salmon Fishing Ucluelet British Columbia with Anchovies along the Lighthouse and Little Beach Shoreline. It was our last morning out fishing and we only had a few hours before check out. So we got out earlier than the previous days and stayed nice and close to the harbor. Only ten minutes from the dock we were at our starting point. Very few people were fishing this area since the weather had been so flat calm most people were heading to more distant locations leaving the lighthouse vacant. This was perfect for us and the Chinook were definitely on this morning. We saw a couple boats hook up right as we were getting our lines down. It wasn't long before we were also hooked up on a nice Chinook. Then we saw a boat hook up on a double header right beside us. A few minutes later after changing bait it was our turn for a double header. We finished the morning off with one more spring that came off with a little flip of his jaw beside the boat. Sorry for a few blurry sections. I think I have to teach my dad how to focus a camera next time we are out. What an excellent way to end a trip. A few hours later after packing up we went out with the girls and the bite had totally turned off. Not even a sniff in the same area. Oh well that is fishing and our coolers were full and packed up. I will have more videos from the trip coming. Just have to get around to editing. We had amazing weather, calm seas!!! Get out there, the Chinook fishing this year is unreal!!!



Jul 26, 2017
Don Kotschevar
Wifes Choice
Fishing this year is amazing. We had three double headers during our trip. Losing only one fish of those doubles to another boats downrigger cable.