Offshore Tunas on the trolls 9-27-2019



Jul 2, 2010
los angeles
27ft mako
Left shelter island around 630am. Mild winds but not bad. Bait barge already 12 boats ahead of us. Damn on a friday? Dont you peeps work hahah. Live baits were awesome. Waited about an hour to get a scoop and we were off. Headed to the 182 and 43. Water temp 71.8 saw lots of boats out there and lots of empty paddy. Even saw some boils fishing the paddys but no luck. Usually we get yellowtails but not even that. Swells not bad so we kept searching paddy after paddy but nothing. Then we just said let's troll from paddy to paddy and we used rapalas smelt color. Not even 5 minutes we get slammed. Whatever it was it almost spooled us. On 65lb braid 60lb mono. Looked at the rapala and the hooks got bent. Saw color and it looked like a big bluefin. Sad we lost it oh well moving on.Then we trolled more and 5 minutes we were getting small football size yft. On the troll even double hook ups. Nothing on live bait but the troll got us the fishes. Oh and skippies too.
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