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Jun 15, 2015
luis bobadilla
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Good morning,
I'm planning on my first tuna multi-day trip, thinking 8-10 day or so out of San Diego. I've been building my rod and reel collection for the occasion based on feedback I received previously. Based on what I've got below, is this sufficient? Any additional suggestions?

UC Centaur (60-100) - Accurate BV2-800
Shimano Tallus (50-100) - Penn Fathom 40 - single speed
UC Terminator (30-80) - Avet LX Raptor
Phenix Axis (30-80) - Penn Fathom 25 - single speed
Phenix Axis (25-60) - Daiwa LEXA HS-P
Seeker MGC (15-25) - Avet SXJ

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Jan 10, 2010
Junction City OR
Rod Lathrop
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24' North River Seahawk Hardtop "Sun Dog"
Well done you are ready!

A couple thoughts for you:
  • I have the UC Centaur with a Mak 16 SEa, like it a lot, stout 80# stick for sinker rig can fish 100# if the need arises (larger models at night/jigs)
  • What is the mission/leader class for your Tallus? Have you done a "Lift Test" with this stick? I have seen a larger model hooked on a Shimano Teramar, even though it had a 30-80# rating the actual lifting power was comparable to my 30# stick. That one did not end well...
  • Your Terminator must be the GP (brown) version - killer stick! Brilliant pairing with your LX Raptor for 60# leader. I have my GP Terminator paired with a Mak 15T SEa, absolutely love it. You would be right at home at Guadalupe fishing for big YFT with this rig. Great YT rig too
Good luck!
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