Offshore Tuesday 182 to 178


Oct 30, 2006
La Mesa
Aquasport 215DC
Took my boy out today looking for some fish near the 182. Weather reports looked a bit sketchy in a 21fter, and were pretty accurate. It was bumpy and steep most the day. We started at 32.52 x 117. 41.We worked south to the 182 and back home north of the 178. Found a few dry paddy's and chased some small bird schools off and on. Never saw a fish on the surface but did Meter small schools around 50ft. Found one huge school right on top of the 182 under a paddy, but 100ft deep. Busted out the sinker rig and got bumped and dropped. That was all the action we had. Sounds like the fish have moved north for the most part. We saw water down to 62 degrees and no higher than 67. Good luck

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