Trolling with lures for Weakfish (Squeteague)

Nuno Morao

Jun 6, 2015
Lisbon - Portugal
Nuno Morao
ELVIRA - KAYAK - Hobie Adventure Island 2016 and Hobie Outfitter 2008
Trolling with lures for Weakfish (also known by the name Squeteague) an invasive species in Europe.

The Weakfish (cynoscion regalis) is native to the Atlantic coast of North America. it does not reach more than 1 meter and 9 kilos compared to the Meagre (also known as Corvina , Croaker, Jewfish) which can reach 2 meters and 100 Kgs (Argyrosomus regius). These 2 species are members of the same family Sciaenidae commonly called drums or croaker.

The first specimens in Europe were caught in the Gulf of Cadiz in Spain in 2015. It gradually settled in the Portuguese estuaries. This invasive species has no natural predators in the European sea, which makes it able to survive without major difficulties and inevitably affects the remaining native species.

Many native species use estuaries as a nursery. In the estuaries there are juvenile fish of some species such as the Sea Bass , Spotted sea bass , Cuttlefish and Flounder. The estuary is important for these species because it provides them with food and protection. The Weakfish forms large shoals and stays in these breeding or nursery areas for most of the year and being a voracious predator feeds on those native species. There are no Studies to evaluate the real impact of this invasive species.

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