Trolling in the dark


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  • Aug 6, 2016
    SoCal - Corona
    I know a couple guys...
    When fishing for tuna and other pelagics out of San Diego during the summer or fall, the guys I fish with on private skiffs get started early several hours before gray light.

    Usually we take it nice and slow on the way out, helps keep the bait alive longer, not to mention its safer.

    I've wondered more than a few times if it would be a good idea to troll a feather or plug on the way to the grounds while running in the dark.

    I've looked online and saw that some guys on the East coast wrote about it when fishing bigeye tuna but noted it was less productive than fishing chunk at night. Didn't find a lot about it on the West coast or SD.

    Interested in hearing your experience good or bad, and if anyone has had any success.
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    I have caught albacore trolling at 5 am when it was pitch black so I know it can be done. They fish for swordfish by trolling at night in some parts of the world.
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